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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Edward Homewood 1823 Aldington
or Smarden
Smarden [e]
Farmer 200 acres
Smarden [e] (1)
Farmer 250 acres
Smarden [e]
Betherden [a]
Farmer 69 Acres
Smarden [f] (2)
Elizabeth Ann Homewood (Offen) 1826 Boughton Malheibe Boughton Malheibe Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Bethersden [a] Smarden [f]
William Homewood Offen 1846 Boughton Malheibe Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Smarden Smarden [p]
Smarden [p]
Newchurch [o]
Newchurch [o]
Farmer, Wid
James Homewood 1849 Smarden Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Smarden [e]
Farmers Son
Farmer 7 acrs
ag lab
Smarden [q]
Farm Labourer
Harriet Grist (Homewood) 1850 Smarden Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Great Chart
Wife of Charles Grist
Great Chart
Wife of Charles Grist
Wife of Charles Grist
Elizabeth Tanton (Homewood) 1852 Smarden Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Smarden [f] Elham
Wife of Frank Tanton
Wife of Frank Tanton
Wife of Frank Tanton
East Malling [n]
Walter Homewood 1854 Smarden Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Bethersden [a]
Farmers Son
Farm Bailiff
Headcorn [d]
Farm worker
Egerton [n]
Farm Bailiff
Egerton [n]
Farm Bailiff
Edward Homewood 1856 Smarden Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Smarden [f]
Farmer 172 acres
Harbledown [h]
Farm Bailiff
Chartham [b]
Frittenden [h]
Henley Homewood 1858 Smarden Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Smarden [f]
West Farleigh
Tovil [m]
Farm Labourer
Maidstone [m]
Farm Labourer
George H. Homewood 1860 Smarden Smarden [e] Smarden [e] Bethersden [a]
Farmers Son
Egerton [c]
Egerton [c]
Butcher & Farmer
Egerton [l]
Butcher & Farmer
Sophia Homewood (Jarvis) 1850 Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden Tenterden [j]
Woodchurch [g]
Egerton [c]
Grocer & Draper
Egerton [c]
Living on own means
Ethel M. Jarvis 1887 Hastings Egerton [c] Egerton [c]
School Girl
Egerton [l]
Esther Homewood's Help
Bethersden [c]
Home Duties, wid

Address Key

[a] Potter Farm, Bethersden.
[b] Houfield Farm, Chartham
[c] High Street, Egerton.
[d] Shearway Cottages, Headcorn
[e] Swift Green, Smarden
[f] Haffenden, Smarden
[g] Red Brook Street, Woodchurch.
[h] Plough Lane, China Farm, Harbledown
[j] West Cross, Tenterden
[k] Ivy House, Stodmarsh
[l] Church House, Egerton
[m] 9 Beaconville Terrace, Tovil
[n] Link Farm, Egerton
[o] Wills Farm, Newchurch
[p] Dodge Farm, Smarden
[q] Grange Cottages, Smarden
(1) Ann Offen, visiter, u, 16, 1845, headcorn.
(2) Ernest Homewood, GS, 20, Farm Lab, Smarden. Son of William Homewood Offen.


Elizabeth Homewood died 1897 @ smarden. Wife of Edward Homewood a Farmer, informant: George Homewood from Egerton

Edward Homewood (of age, Farmer, Smarden, Father: James Homewood, Farmer) married Elizabeth Anne Offen (of age, spinster, Boughton Malheibe,
Father: John Offen) on 7th July 1847 at Boughton Malhiebe. Witness: Thomas Offen, Sarah Ann Offen

Edward Homewood (Gentleman) married Sophia Jarvis (74 & 47 res.), 1898 Egerton. Fathers James Homewood (Deceased, Farmer) & John Jarvis (Deceased, Farmer).
Witnesses Edwin Thomas Funnel & Ada Jarvis. Congregational Chapel

Edward Homewood born 1856 11th april, to Edward [farmer] & Elizabeth Ann Homewood (Offen) @ Smarden

Ethel Mabel Jarvis born August 1886 @ Hastings (6 Halton Crescent, Halton) to Sophia Jarvis (Housekeeper) [no father listed]

Frederick Bourne (27, Farmer, Bethersden, Father: Joseph Bourne, Lab) married Ethel Mabel Jarvis (25, spinster, Hawkinge,
Father: None Listed) on 19th Oct 1911 at Hawkinge. Witness: Edgar Jarvis & Henry Joseph Bourne

Census Returns

1911 Edward Homewood
1911 George Homewood
1911 Henley Homewood
1911 Walter Homewood
1911 Elizabeth Tanton (Homewood)
1911 James Homewood
1911 William Homewood

1911 Harriett Grist (Homewood)


Edward Homewood snr
Edward Homewood
Henley Homewood
George Homewood
Swifts Green Farm, Smarden


Haffenden Tenancy Agreement
Will of Elizabeth Ann Homewood (Offen)

Gravestones - Bethersden

John Jarvis 17 May 1877 aged 51, leaving a widow and the following children: Sophia, Julia, Elizabeth, Horace, Herbert, Esther, Edgar and Kate. Sophia died 2 April 1905 aged 55.
Elizabeth Jarvis widow of above 13 December 1917 aged 91.

Gravestones - Boughton Malherbe

Boughton Malheibe : Harriett wife of John OFFEN of this Parish who died September 7th 1849 aged 56 years. Also the above John Offen who died May 29 1871 aged 79. Left issue 9 sons and 4 daughters viz
Charles, Thomas, Frederick, Henry, John, Alfred, Mary Ann, Sarah Anne, Elizabeth Ann, Jemima, Richard, George and James.

Gravestones - Smarden

HIS Sacred to the memory of JAMES HOMEWOOD of this Parish who died April 22nd 1859 aged 65 years. Left surviving seven children four sons
and three daughters. James, William Edward, Charles, Harriett, Elizabeth and Emmeline. Adieu vain world I've seen enough of thee
And now I'm careless what thou say'st of me What faults you knew in me take care to shun And look at home, enough there's to be done

Gravestones - Frittenden

In ever loving memory of Edward Homewood, who died october 15th 1928, aged 72 years.
Also Julia, beloved wife of above. 22nd July, 1938, aged 76 years.

The National Probate Calendar, 1861-1941

Trade Directories

Trade Directory Biddenden 1858 Thomas Homewood, Farmer
Trade Directory Biddenden 1858 William Homewood, Farmer
Trade Directory Egerton 1890 Sophia Jarvis (miss), shopkeeper
Trade Directory High Halden 1882 Eli Homewood, Farmer, Durrants Green
Trade Directory Smarden 1845 James Homewood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1858 Edward Homewood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1858 James Homewood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1891 Edward Homewood, Farmer


Sopia Jarvis born Mar 1850, W.Ashford, vol 5, pg 2[53] } FreeBMD
Edward Homewood died sept 1900, w.ashford, vol 2a, pg 484, age 76 } FreeBMD
Harriet Homewood m. dec 1875, w.ashford, 2a, 1197 to Charles Giles Grist } FreeBMD
Elizabeth Homewood married sept 1882, w.ashford, 2a, 1181 to Frank James Tanton } FreeBMD

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