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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Edward Homewood 1856 Smarden Smarden [c] Smarden [c] Smarden [d]
Farmer 172 acres
Harbledon [e] (1)
Farm Bailiff
Chartham [b]
Stodmarsh [g]
Frittenden [h]
Julia Homewood (Wood) 1862 Smarden Smarden [f] Battersea [a] Harbledon [e] Chartham [b] Stodmarsh [g] Frittenden [h]
Henley Homewood 1885 Harbledown Harbledon [e] Chartham [b] died of spanish flu in canada 1919
George Homewood 1887 Harbledown Harbledon [e] Chartham [b] Biddenden [h]
Frederick Homewood 1889 Harbledown Harbledon [e] Chartham [b]
Edward Homewood 1891 Harbledown Harbledon [e] Chartham [b]
Alice Maud Homewood 1893 Harbledown Chartham [b] Stodmarsh [g] Harrow Weald, Midd.
Charles Homewood 1895 Smarden Chartham [b] Stodmarsh [g] died in WW1 training accident with RAF - 1918
Leonard Homewood 1897 Smarden Chartham [b] Stodmarsh [g] Biddenden [h]
Horace W. Homewood 1900 Smarden Chartham [b] Stodmarsh [g] Frittenden [h]
Annie Elizabeth Backhouse (Homewood) 1901 Chartham Stodmarsh [g] Frittenden [h]
Robert Astley Homewood 1905 Chartham Stodmarsh [g] Frittenden [h]
Edith May Homewood 1907 Chartham Stodmarsh [g] Frittenden [h]

Address Key

[a] 36 Trollope Street, Battersea
[b] Houfield Farm, Chartham
[c] Swift Green, Smarden
[d] Haffenden, Smarden
[e] China Farm, Plough Lane, Harbledown
[f] Luckhurst Farm, Smarden
[g] Ivy House, Stodmarsh
[h] Bubhurst Farm, Frittenden
(1) Alice Woods, visitor, s, 13, 1878, smarden, (julia’s sister)

Family Tree

Family Tree M - Descendants of Edward & Julia Homewood


Edward Homewood born 1856 11th april, to Edward [farmer] & Elizabeth Ann Homewood (Offen) @ Smarden

Julia Wood born 2nd November 1861 @ Smarden to Horace Wood, farmer & Mary Jane Wood (Day)

Edward Homewood [26, farmer] married Julia Wood [20], 26th April 1882, at The Church, Smarden. Fathers: Edward Homewood [farmer] & Horace Wood [farmer].
Wit: Charles Orpin & Ann Cornes?

Annie Elizabeth Homewood, born 29th September 1901 at Chartham. to Edward Homewood & Julia Homewood (formally Wood)

Census Returns

1911 Edward Homewood

1939 Register

Douglas & Annie Backhouse(Homewood)


Edward Homewood
Julia Homewood (Wood)
Annie Elizabeth Backhouse (Homewood)
Henley Homewood
George Homewood
Frederick Homewood
Edward Homewood
Maud Houghton (Homewood)
Charles Homewood
Leonard Homewood
Horace William Homewood
Robert Astley Homewood
Edith May Stooks (Homewood)
Great Bubhurst Farm, Frittenden (which this family farmed from 1913 to the 1950’s)
Swifts Green Farm, Smarden
Edward Homewood's School Photo

Military Records

Horace William Homewood
Edward Homewood Canadian Army Papers
Charles Homewood Canadian Army Papers
Charles Homewood RAF Papers

Charles Homewood death in RAF.

Legal Documents

Mortgage on Castweazle Farm, Biddenden - 1933

Auction Catalogue's

Howfield Farm, Chartham Auction 1910

Castweazle Farm, Biddenden Auction 1938

Bubhurst Farm, Frittenden Auction 1944

Littte Jobs Cross Farm, Rolvenden Auction 1963

Estate Agents Details

Great Bubhurst Farm, 1959

Parish Records

High Halden


1900 28th Jan Horace William Homewood Edward & Julia Homewood of Chartham (farmer)

Gravestones - Frittenden

In ever loving memory of 2nd Lieut. Charles Homewood RAF, 5th son of Edward and Julia Homewood of Bubhurst Farm, Frittenden. Accidently killed while flying at Fairlop, Essex, July 8th 1918, aged 24 years.

In ever loving memory of Edward Homewood, who died october 15th 1928, aged 72 years. Also Julia, beloved wife of above. 22nd July, 1938, aged 76 years.

The National Probate Calendar, 1861-1941

Trade Directories

Trade Directory 1903: Kelly’s – Edward Homewood, farmer & hop grower – Howfield Manor. - Chartham
Trade Directory 1913: Kelly’s – Edward Homewood, farmer – Buckhurst – Frittenden.


Mabel Homewood, born Mar 1883, W.Ashford, 2a, 794 } FreeBMD
Henley Homewood, born Dec 1884, Bridge, 2a, 816 } FreeBMD
Frederick Homewood, born Dec 1885, W.Ashford, 2a, 771 ? } FreeBMD
George Homewood, born Dec 1886, Bridge, 2a, 779 } FreeBMD
Mabel Homewood, died Dec 1887, Bridge, 2a, 440 } FreeBMD
Edward Homewood, born Sept 1890, Bridge, 2a, 787 } FreeBMD
Alice Maud Homwood, born Sept 1892, Bridge, 2a, 814 } FreeBMD
Charles Homwood, born sept 1894, Bridge, 2a, 787 } FreeBMD
Leonard Homewood, born Sept 1896, Bridge, 2a, 809 } FreeBMD
Robert Astley Homewood, born Mar 1905, Bridge, 2a, 965 } FreeBMD
Edith May Homewood, born Mar 1907, Bridge, 2a, 952 } FreeBMD
Henley Homewood died 17th May 1919, Saanich, Canada (Spanish Flue). Age 34
Alice M. Homewood married Henry A Houghton, Sept 1925, Tenterden, 2a, 2489 } FreeBMD

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