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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
George Homewood 1860 Smarden Smarden [c] Smarden Bethersden [a]
Farmers Son
Egerton [b] (1)
Egerton [b]
Butcher & Farmer
Egerton [e] (2)
Butcher & Farmer
Esther Homewood (Jarvis) 1862 Bethersden Bethersden Woodchurch [d]
Egerton [b] Egerton [b] Egerton [e] Egerton
House Hold Duties
Jessie Homewood 1884 Egerton Egerton [b] Egerton [b] Boughton Malheibe
Wife of Ralph Everett
Ashby G. Homewood 1885 Egerton Egerton [b] Pluckley
Daisy Homewood 1887 Egerton Egerton [b] Ashford
Wife of Robert Piper
Norman Homewood 1889 Egerton Egerton [b] Egerton [b] Egerton [e]
Bright Theodore Homewood 1891 Egerton Egerton [b] Egerton [b] Egerton [e]
farm Worker
Laurence Homewood 1893 Egerton Egerton [b] Pluckley
Rowland Homewood 1897 Egerton Egerton [b] Boughton Malheibe
Engineering student
Assisting Father Farming
Phyliss Homewood 1899 Egerton Egerton [b] Egerton [e]
Stanley Homewood 1901 Egerton Egerton [b] Egerton [e] Egerton
Assisting Father Farming
Leonard Homewood 1903 Egerton Egerton [e] Egerton

Address Key

[a] Potter Farm, Bethersden
[b] High Street, Egerton.
[c] Swift Green, Smarden
[d] Post Office, Woodchurch.
[e] Church House, Egerton
(1) Lewis Homewood, nephew, 16, app butcher, 1875, smarden
(2) Ethel Mabel Jarvis, Niece, 24, single, mothers help, Hastings

Census Returns

1911 George Homewood

1911 Jessie & Rowland Homewood

1911 Ashby & Laurence Homewood

1911 Daisy Piper (Homewood)


George Homewood (22, Farmer, Smarden, Father: Edward Homewood, Farmer) married Esther Jarvis (21, spinster, Bethersden, Father: John Jarvis) on 23rd November 1882 at Bethersden. Witness: Herbert Jarvis, Sophia Jarvis. } cert


George Homewood

Esther Homewood (Jarvis)

Family of George & Esther Homewood

The National Probate Calendar, 1861-1941

Trade Directory Egerton 1890 George Homewood, Butcher & Blacksmith


Daisy Homewood marries Robert Harold Piper, Dec 1904, Elham, 2a, 2405 } FreeBMD
Jessie Homewood marries Ralph William Everett, Sept 1909, W.Ashford, 2a, 1909 } FreeBMD

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