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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
John Jarvis 1826 Bethersden Bethersden [g Bethersden
Farmer 45 acres
Bethersden [e]
Farmer 50 acres
Elizabeth Jarvis (?) 1826 Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden [e] Bethersden [f] (1)
Farmers Widow
Bethersden [f] Bethersden [f]
Sophia Homewood (Jarvis) 1850 Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden Tenterden [a]
Woodchurch [b]
Egerton [c]
Grocer & Draper
Egerton [c]
Living on own means
Julia Karton (Jarvis) 1853 Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden [f] Bethersden [f]
Elizabeth Jarvis 1855 Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden [e]
Horace Jarvis 1857 Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden [e] Woodchurch [d]
Post Master
Woodchurch [d]
Post Master
Woodchurch [d]
Post Master
Herbert Jarvis 1860 Bethersden Bethersden Bethersden [e] Bethersden [f] Bethersden
Esther Homewood (Jarvis) 1862 Bethersden Bethersden [e] Woodchurch [d]
Egerton [c] Egerton [c] Egerton [h]
Edgar Jarvis 1864 Bethersden Bethersden [e]
Kate Jarvis 1866 Bethersden Bethersden [e] Woodchurch [d] Bethersden[f] Bethersden[f]

Address Key

[a] West Cross, Tenterden
[b] Red Brook Street, Woodchurch.
[c] High Street, Egerton.
[d] Post Office, Woodchurch
[e] Mansell Lane, Bethersden
[f] Great Runsell, Bethersden
[g] Buss Farm, Bethersden
[h] Church House, Edgeton
(1) Harriett Jarvis, SIL, 49 b. 1832, bethersden

Census Returns

1911 Esther Homewood (Jarvis)


Edward Homewood (Gentleman) married Sophia Jarvis (74 & 47 res.), 1898 Egerton. Fathers James Homewood (Deceased, Farmer) & John Jarvis (Deceased, Farmer).
Witnesses Edwin Thomas Funnel & Ada Jarvis. Congregational Chapel

George Homewood (22, Farmer, Smarden, Father: Edward Homewood, Farmer) married Esther Jarvis (21, spinster, Bethersden, Father: John Jarvis) on 23rd November 1882 at Bethersden. Witness: Herbert Jarvis, Sophia Jarvis. } cert

Gravestones - Bethersden

John JARVIS of this parish 5 May 1875 aged 77. Harriet his wife 11 November 1872 aged 68. Ann their daughter 9 September 1873 aged 39. Left surviving 5 sons and 5 daughters: Elizabeth, John, Richard, George, Harriet, Mary, William, Stephen, Eliza and Sarah. Also Harriet daughter of above 24 March 1887 aged 55.

John Jarvis 17 May 1877 aged 51, leaving a widow and the following children: Sophia, Julia, Elizabeth, Horace, Herbert, Esther, Edgar and Kate. Sophia died 2 April 1905 aged 55. Elizabeth Jarvis widow of above 13 December 1917 aged 91.

The National Probate Calendar, 1861-1941

Trade Directories

Bethersden 1845 – John Jarvis, Farmer
Bethersden 1855 – John Jarvis, Farmer, Runsell Green.
Bethersden 1858 – John Jarvis, Farmer, Runsell Green
Bethersden 1855 – Stephen Jarvis, Carrier


Sophia Jarvis born Mar 1850, W.Ashford, vol 5, pg 2[53] } FreeBMD
Horace Jarvis married Ada Elizabeth J. Smith, in mar 1883, Tunbridge, 2a, 794 } FreeBMD
Ada Elizabeth J. jarvis (smith) died in jun 1888, age 25, tenterden, 2a, 416 } FreeBMD
Horace Jarvis married Florence Lucy Collick, mar 1889, tenterden, 2a, 925 } FreeBMD
William Jarvis married Mary Ann Pearson, December 1864, W.Ashford, 2a, 1097 } FreeBMD

William Jarvis – Brother to John Jarvis, and Uncle to Sophia & Esther Jarvis – 1838-1920
William was a farmer living at Buss Farm, Bethersden. [used as the set for “Darling Buds of May”]. He was the Sunday School Superintendant at Baptist Union Chapel, Bethersden, leading the singing in the chapel and had been a deacon since 1873. He did not begin preaching in public until 1896. His first wife was Mary Ann Pearson (1842-1895), the daughter of James Pearson, Pastor at Bethersden in 1844. Second Wife was Elizabeth Jane Hughes (1843-1910) [married 1900]. He had 18 children. He became Pastor of Tilsden Chapel, Smarden in 1906 until his death in 1920.

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