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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Frank Tanton 1852 Smarden Elham
Elizabeth Tanton (Homewood)
1852 Smarden Smarden[a] Smarden[a] Smarden[b] Elham Shadoxhurst Shadoxhurst East Malling
Edith Ann Barton (Tanton) 1883 Sutton Valance Elham Worth Great Chart
Wife of Harry Barton
George Edward Tanton 1885 Elham Elham Shadoxhurst Shadoxhurst
Working on Farm
Frank Tanton 1887 Elham Elham Shadoxhurst Shadoxhurst
Working on Farm
Laura Hilda Elliott (Tanton) 1889 Elham Elham Shadoxhurst Whitstable
Domestic Serv.
East Malling
Wife of Horace R. Elliott
Elizabeth May Tanton 1891 Elham Elham Shadoxhurst Shadoxhurst
Mabel Tanton 1893 Elham Shadoxhurst Shadoxhurst
Blaunche Tanton 1895 Elham Shadoxhurst Shadoxhurst
Stanley Tanton 1898 Smarden Shadoxhurst Shadoxhurst

Address Key

[a] Swift Green, Smarden
[b] Haffenden, Smarden

Census Returns

1911 Elizabeth Tanton (Homewood)

1911 Laura Hilda Tanton

1911 Edith Ann Barton (Tanton)


Elizabeth Homewood married sept 1882, w.ashford, 2a, 1181 to Frank James Tanton } FreeBMD
Edith Annie Tanton marries Harry Barton, Mar 1905, W.Ashford, 2a, 1133 } FreeBMD

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