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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Horace Wood 1838 Smarden Headcorn Headcorn [m] Smarden [d]
Smarden [d]
Smarden [d]
High Halden [b] (1)
High Halden [b]
died 1901
Mary J. Wood (Day) 1839 Biddenden Biddenden Biddenden Smarden [d] Smarden [d] Smarden [d] High Halden [b] died 1896
Julia Homewood (Wood) 1862 Smarden Smarden [d] Battersea [f] Harbledown [h] Chartham [g] Stodmarsh [n] Frittenden
Walter Wood 1865 Smarden Smarden [d] Smarden [d]
Farmers Son
High Halden [b] Tenterden
Farm Labourer
Fanny Farrance (Wood) 1867 Smarden Charing Smarden [d] High Halden
Wife of Arthur Farrance
High Halden
Wife of Arthur Farrance
Bethersden [p]
Wife of Arthur Farrance
Bethersden [p]
Wife of Arthur Farrance
Emily Larkin (Wood) 1869 Smarden Smarden [d] Smarden [d] High Halden [b] High Halden [c]
Wife of William Larkin
visiting George R. Orpin
Horace Wood 1871 Smarden Smarden [d] Smarden [d] Chelsea [j]
Butchers Ass.
Folkstone [a]
Meat Salesman, Butcher
George Wood 1873 Smarden Smarden [d] Caterham [k]
South Africa
5th Dragoon Guards 4656
Motorman Tramways
Frank Wood 1876 Smarden Smarden [d] Caterham 4th Dragoon Guards West Kents - died on campain in the Yeman 1901
William Wood 1877 Smarden Smarden [d] Bethersden
Grocers Assist.
Grocers Assist.
In Army
Alice Reeves (Wood) 1878 Smarden Smarden [d] Harbledown [h] Woodchurch Woodchurch
Wife of John Reeves
Wife of John Henry Reeves
Harry Wood 1879 Smarden Smarden [d] High Halden [b] Uplyme Devon [e]
Wire Fencer
Tunbridge Wells [o]
Edith Mary Wood 1881 Smarden Smarden [d] High Halden [b] Leysdown
Harrow Weald [q]
Harrow Weald, Midd.
Henley Wood 1882 Smarden High Halden [b] Uplyme Devon [e]
Wire Fencer
died 1912
Bessie Wood 1885 Smarden High Halden [b] High Halden [c] Harrow Weald [q]
Harrow Weald, Midd.
Annie Wood (Mercer, Mitchell) 1851 St Michaels Tenterden [l] Tenterden
High Halden [b] Charing
Sick nurse, wid
Madeline Mitchell 1887 St Michaels High Halden [b]
Farm Assistant

Address Key

[a] Dover Road, Folkestone
[b] Hales Place, High Halden
[c] Hales Place Cottage, High Halden
[d] Luckhurst, Smarden
[e] Pilot House, Uplyme
[f] 36 Trollope Street, Battersea
[g] Houfield Farm, Chartham
[h] China Farm, Plough Lane, Harbledown
[j] 301 Kings Road, Chelsea, London
[k] School House, Caterham
[l] Little Harbourne Farm, Tenterden.
[m] Brickhouse Farm, Headcorn.
[n] Ivy House, Stodmarsh
[o] 37 Norman Road, Tunbridge Wells
[p] Potten Farm, Bethersden
[q] College Farm, Harrow Weald, Middlesex.
(1) Ann Wood, mother, wid, 82, living on own means, 1809, smarden.


Mary Jane Day born 17th June 1839 @ Biddenden to Richard Day, farmer & Sarah Day (Thrift)

Horace Wood born 4th November 1837 @ Smarden to John Wood, farmer & Ann Wood (Cornes)

Horace Wood (23, bachelor, headcorn, farmer, father: John Wood, farmer) married Mary Jane Day (21, spinster, Biddenden, father: Richard Day, Farmer)
on 27th nov 1860 at Biddenden. Witnesses: Richard Day, Fanny Day, Charles Day

Julia Wood born 2nd November 1861 @ Smarden to Horace Wood, farmer & Mary Jane Wood (Day)

Edward Homewood [26, farmer] married Julia Wood [20], 26th April 1882, at The Church, Smarden. Fathers: Edward Homewood [farmer] & Horace Wood [farmer].
Wit: Charles Orpin & Ann Cornes.


Horace Wood
Mary Jane Wood (Day)
Julia Homewood (Wood)
Walter Wood
Fanny Farrence (Wood) & Family
Emily Larkin (Wood)
Frank Wood
William Wood
Alice Reeves (Wood)
Edith Wood
Bessie Wood
Hales Place Farm, High Halden

Military Records

George Wood
William Wood
Frank Wood

Frank Wood Enlisted in Army on 27th February 1896. He Joined the 4th Dragoon Guards, but soon was transferred to The Royal West Kents on 9th June 1897. Promoted Lance Corporal 18th Oct 1899. In 1901 was a member of the West Kents expedition to Ad Dareja, a force of 400 men and 6 guns, tasked to destroy a defended enemy tower in Aden. Unfortunatley Frank died on 20th July 1901 at Nobat Dakim, probably from heat stroke. See newspaper extract.

Census Returns

1911 Julia Homewood (Wood)
1911 Henley & Walter Wood
1911 Harry Wood
1911 Fanny Farrance (Wood)
1911 Emily Larkin (Wood)
1911 Annie Wood (Mitchell)
1911 Edith & Bessie Wood
1911 Alice Reeves (Wood)

1939 Register

Bessie Wood, Edith M Wood, Emily Larkin (Wood)

Gravestones - Frittenden

In ever loving memory of Edward Homewood, who died october 15th 1928, aged 72 years.
Also Julia, beloved wife of above. 22nd July, 1938, aged 76 years.

Trade Directories

Trade Directory High Halden 1855 Edward Wood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1845 Henry Wood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1845 Richard Wood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1845 John Wood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1845 William Wood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1858 Henry Wood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1858 Richard Wood, Farmer
Trade Directory Smarden 1891 William Wood, Farmer, Hamden


Julia Wood born dec 1861, w.ashford. vol 2a, pg 505 } FreeBMD
Horace Wood married Annie Mitchell: dec 1899, tenterden, vol 2a, pg 1750 } FreeBMD
Fanny Wood m. mar 1885 to Arthur Farrance, w.ashford, 2a, 877 } FreeBMD
Emily Wood m. tenterden, 2a, 1651 to William Larkin } FreeBMD
Alice Wood (26, spinster) married John Henry Reeves (34, Bach.), 12th oct 1904 @ Woodchurch. Fathers: Horace Wood (deceased) & John Tolhurst Reeves. Wit: Charles Orpin & Bessie Wood. } mid-kent marriages.
Horace Wood died sept 1901, Tenterden, age 63, 2a, 515 } FreeBMD
Mary Jane Wood, died jun 1896, age 57, Tenterden, 2a, 423 } FreeBMD
William Wood marries Florence E Pentlow, Sept 1917, Cranbrook, 2a, 2007 } FreeBMD
Henley Wood died sept 1912, Tenterden, 2a, 856 } FreeBMD

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