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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
George Wood 1873 Smarden Smarden [d] Caterham [k]
South Africa
5th Dragoon Guards
Louisa Emily Margaret Wood (Norris) 1887 Portsea Portsea
Frank Wood 1917 Romsey

Address Key

[d] Luckhurst, Smarden
[k] School House, Caterham

Military Record

George Wood

George Wood Army Career

Date Event
Enlisted 1897 @ Canterbury. 58 tall, 144 lb, grey eyes, dark brown hair, 2 small scars on fore finger of right hand. Trade - Butcher
29th jan 1897 Joined 4th Dragoon Guards
1899-1902 South Africa Campaign
1st april 1901 transferred 5th Dragoon Guards. No.4656
17th aug 1901 promoted lance corporal
8th jan 1904 promoted corporal
8th june 1904 transferred to army reserve
5th aug 1914 mobalised army reserve
9th aug 1914 1st reserve cav reg
10th June 1915 transferred to ASC remount depot, romsey, hants
21st dec 1917 discharged.


Queens S.A. Medal, clasp Defence of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Elandslaagte
Kings S.A. Medal, clasps SA01, SA02

Next of Kin: Father Horace Wood, Hales Place, High Halden
Brother Frank Wood, 4th Dragoon Guards


Louisa Emily M. Norris born dec 1887, Portsea, 2b, 436 } FreeBMD
George Wood married Louisa Emily M. Norris, dec 1914, I Wight, 2b, 1484 } FreeBMD

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