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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 19111921
George Wilhelm August Koster 1842 Uelzen, Germany Manningham [f]
Heaton [b]
Stuff & Woolen Merchant
Rosa Koster (Binns) 1852 Bradford Manningham [c] Manningham [c] Manningham [f] Heaton [b] Bradford [d]
Home Duties, wid
Anna E. Rose Backhaus (Koster) 1876 Bradford Manningham [f] Bradford [a]
Wife of Frederick Backhaus
Ben Rydding [e]
Wife of Frederick Backhaus
visiting Rosa Bynnes Kingsley (mum)
Ernst August Koster 1879 Bradford Manningham [f] Heaton [b] Ireland
Wool Buyer
Edward Wilhelm W Koster 1886 Bradford Heaton [b] Bradford [d]
Head of secondary school
George Maximilian Alexander Koster 1882 Bradford Heaton [b] Bradford [a]
Electrical Engineering Student
Bradford [d]
Manager of shipping dept.

Address Key

[a] 135 Wilmon Road, Bradford
[b] 17 Park Drive, Heaton, Yorks.
[c] 28 Northfield Place, Manningham, Yorks
[d] 19 Roseberry Road
[e] Cragside, Ben Rydding, York.
[f] 14 Cunicliffe Villas, Manningham


Frederick Backhaus (Foreign Correspondent) married Anna Emmeline Rosa Koster, (25 & 22 res.), .)[19 Heaton Grove, Heaton & 6 Devonshire Terrace, Manningham resp.], 1898 @ English Presbyterian Chapel, Bradford. Fathers George Frederick Backhaus (Cashier) and August Koster (desceased, Shiff Merchant). Witnesses E.W. Heron, J.Arthur Binns, Rosa Koster, Mary Whittingham

Rosa Binns, born 25th May 1851 at Primrose Terrace, Manningham, Bradford, to Joseph Arthur Binns & Emma Binns (formally Bower).

Georg Wilhelm August Koster (32, 49 Drewton Street, Bradford) married Rosa Binns (23, Oak Lane, Manningham), 21st Jan 1875. @ English Presbyterian Unitarian Chapel, Chapel Lane, Bradford. Fathers: August Koster (Postmaster) & Joseph Arthur Binns (Accountant). Witness: J.Arthur Binns, M.E. Hestletine, Georg Koster. Minister – William Binns

Anna Emmerline Rosa Koster, born 16th February 1876, 1 St. Mary’s Terrace, Manningham. To George Wilhelm August Koster (stuff merchant) & Rose Koster, formally Bins

Georg Wilhelm August Koster, born 15th Oct 1842 at Uelzen, to Georg Friedrich August Koster & Anna Augusta Adolphine Henrietta Von Breymann. Wit: major Georg Von Breymann & Wilhelmina Koster.

Parish Register Extract of August & Georg Koster

Parish Records



1911 11th August George Maximilian Alexander Koster (28, Shipping Manager, 39 Springfield Place, Leeds) married Mathilde Michelle Jeanne Gobel (24, Lasswade, Edingburgh). Father: August Koster (deceased, Merchant) & Joseph Gobel (deceased, Furniture Remover). Wit: William Henry Jones & Charlotte Jones.

Census Returns

1911 Rosa Koster
1911 Anna E.R. Backhaus (Koster)

1939 Register

Anna E.R. Backhouse (Koster)
George Maximillian Alexander Koster
Mathilde Michelle Jeanne Koster (Gobel)

Alien Arrivals

August Koster
George Koster


August Koster?
Rosa Koster (Binns)
Ernst Koster
Edward Koster
Anna E. Rose Backhaus (Koster)

Major Georg Von Breymann

Family Recollections

Koster Memories
Man in the Miniture
Essay on the Koster Family
Essay on the Von Breymann Family

London Gazette

End of partnership in Koster Brothers 1895
Death of August Koster 1895

Trade Directories

Trade Directory: Bradford 1879 : Koster Brothers – Merchants & Shipping – 2 Union Street
Trade Directory: Bradford 1879 : Koster August (K.Bros) – 81 St Mary’s Terrace
Trade Directory: Bradford 1881 : Koster Brothers – Stuff & Wollen Merchants – 9 Union Street
Post Office Directory 1883 – Koster Brothers – 2 Union Street. (merchants and shippers)
“ “ - August Koster (merchant) – 14 Cunliffe Villa’s
Trade Directory: Bradford 1887 : Koster Brothers (August & George) – Stuff, Wollen & General Merchants – 38 Chapel Street.
Trade Directory: Bradford 1898: Mrs Rosa Koster – 6 Devonshire Terrace
Post Office Directory 1912: Mrs Rosa Koster – 19 Roseberry Road

Electorial Register

1938, 92 Cavendish Road, London: Koster, George Maximillian Alexander & Koster, Mathilde Michele Jeanne
1945, 16 Marlborough Road, Liverpool: Koster, George Maximillian Alexander & Koster, Mathilde Michele Jeanne

Military Records

Ernest A. Koster W.Yorks Reg, Private, 17251
North’d Fus, A/Sjt, 54469
Attached Kings.African.Rifles

The National Probate Calendar, 1861-1941

Family Wills

Rosa Koster (Binns) change of name by deed poll
Rosa Koster (Binns) Will


George Wilhelm A. Koster died dec 1895, north bierley, vol 9b, pg 145, age 53 } FreeBMD
George Friedrich W. Koster, died dec 1887, Bradford, 9b, 92, age 42 } FreeBMD
George Max A. Koster born Dec 1882, Bradford, 9b, 128 } FreeBMD
Edward Wilhelm W Koster born June 1886, Bradford, 9b, 118 } FreeBMD
Ernst August Koster born mar 1879, Bradford, 9b, 199 } FreeBMD
George M.A. Koster married Mathilde M.J. Gobel, sept 1911, Leeds, 9b, 853 } FreeBMD
Rosa Koster died dec 1928, Kensington, London, 1a, 199, age 77 } FreeBMD
Frederick Backhouse died jun 1952, age 79, Ashford, 5b, 34 } FreeBMD
Anna E.R. Backhouse died mar 1953, age 77, Ashford, 5b, 54 } FreeBMD

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