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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Frederick (Fred) Backhaus 1873 Bradford Manningham [b] Heaton [c]
Merchants Clerk
Bradford [a](1)
Wool Merchants Clerk
Ben Rydding [d]
Manager, Wool Business
Anna Emmerline Rosa Backhaus (Koster) 1876 Bradford Manningham [f] Bradford [a] Ben Rydding [d]
Kathleen Anna Watson (Backhaus) 1901 Bradford Bradford [a] Keighley [e] Bradford
Winifred May [Biddy] Homewood (Backhaus) 1902 Bradford Ben Rydding [d] Frittenden
Douglas Frederick Backhaus 1903 Bradford Ben Rydding [d] Blackpool
School Boarder
Patrick Backhaus 1908 Bradford Ben Rydding [d] Blackpool
School Boarder
Joan Johnson (Backhaus) 1915 ? Frittenden

Address Key

[a] 135 Wilmon Road, Bradford
[b] 61 Southfield Square, Manningham, York.
[c] 19 Heaton Grove, Heaton, Yorks
[d] Cragside, Ben Rydding, York.
[e] Oldfield House, Oaksworth Way, Keighley
[f] 14 Cunicliffe Villas, Manningham
[g] Arnold House School, Lytham Road, Blackpool
(1) George Koster (BIL)

Family Tree

- Descendants of Frederick & Anna Backhouse

- Descendants of Edward & Julia Homewood

- Descendants of Albert & Kathleen Watson


Frederick Backhaus, born 6th January 1873 at 61 Southfield Square, Manningham, Bradford. to George Frederick Backhaus & Mary Backhaus (formally Heron)

Frederick Backhaus (Foreign Correspondent) married Anna Emmeline Rosa Koster, (25 & 22 res.), .)[19 Heaton Grove, Heaton & 6 Devonshire Terrace, Manningham resp.],
1898 @ English Presbyterian Chapel, Bradford. Fathers George Frederick Backhaus (Cashier) and August Koster (desceased, Shiff Merchant). Witnesses C.W. Heron, J.Arthur Binns, Rosa Koster, Mary Whittingham

Douglas Frederick Backhaus, born 18th August 1903 at 19 Heaton Grove, Bradford. to Frederick Backhaus & Rose Backhaus (formally Koster)

Census Returns

1911 Fred Backhaus
1911 Kathleen Backhaus

1939 Register

Frederick & Anna E.R. Backhouse

Douglas & Annie Backhouse

London Gazette

Frederick Backhaus Deed Poll Declaration 1919
Frederick Backhaus Military Career 1914-18


Kathleen Hannah Backhaus, born Mar 1901, Bradford, 9b, 92a } FreeBMD
Winifred May Backhaus, born Sept 1902, Bradford, 9b, 95 } FreeBMD
Joan E. Backhaus, born Mar 1915, Wharfdale, 9a, 233 } FreeBMD
Frederick Backhouse died jun 1952, age 79, Ashford, 5b, 34 } FreeBMD
Anna E.R. Backhouse died mar 1953, age 77, Ashford, 5b, 54 } FreeBMD


Frederick Backhaus
Anna E.R. Backhaus (Koster)
Kathleen Anna Watson (Backhaus)
Winifred "Biddy" Homewood (Backhaus)
Douglas Frederick Backhouse
Patrick Backhaus
Joan Backhaus

Backhouse Family - Dynchurch 1934
Cragside Ben Rhydding

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