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1837 Queen Victoria; 1901 King Edward VII; 1910 King George V; 1936 King Edward VIII; 1936 King George VI; 1952 Queen Elizabeth II
1853-1856 Crimean War; 1899-1902 Boer War; 1914-1918 WW1; 1939-1945 WW2

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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Thomas Puxty 1852 Ticehurst Ticehurst [b] Ticehurst [c]
Ticehurst [c]
Hawkhurst [a]
Farm Lab.
Flimwell [1]
Farm Lab, Wid
Out of work, Wid
Sarah Ann Puxty (Groombridge) 1855 Leybourne * Wrotham Pembury [d] Ticehurst [c] Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst
Mary A. Puxty 1875 Ticehurst Ticehurst [c] Hawkhurst [a]
Emily Bertha Marchant (Puxty) 1878 Ticehurst Ticehurst [c] Hawkhurst [a] Hawkhurst
Wife of
Albert Marchant
Hawkhurst [e]
Wife of
Albert Marchant
Wife of
Albert Marchant
Henry Thomas Puxty 1882 Ticehurst Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst
Labourer on Building
Rose Emma Weller (Puxty) 1884 Flimwell Hawkhurst [a] Hawkhurst
Gen. Domestic Servent
Wife of Thomas Weller
Wife of Thomas Weller
Ellen E. Puxty 1888 Ticehurst Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst Flimwell
William Charles Puxty 1889 Hawkhurst Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst Flimwell
Farm Lab
Alfred J.Puxty or Albert Frank Puxty 1893 Hawkhurst Ticehurst Flimwell
Game keeper
Frank Puxty 1893 Hawkhurst Ticehurst Flimwell
Farm Lab
Farm Lab
Daisy May Knight (Puxty) 1895 Flimwell/Hawkhurst Ticehurst Maidstone
Kathleen Daisy Ruth Williams (Puxty)
daughter of Daisy May Puxty
1910 Flimwell Maidstone Ilford,
Dr Barnardo's Village Home inmate

Address Key

* claims to be born in Ticehurst in census’s.
[a] Flimwell Road, Hawkhurst
[b] Flimwell Road, Ticehurst
[c] Flimwell, Ticehurst
[d] Brickhurst, Pembury
[e] 4 Beech Terrace, Hawkhurst
[1] Frances Martin Puxty, GD, 2, Ewhurst, ssx
Marie Ethel Puxty, GD, 6mnths, Hawkhurst, Kent.


Thomas Puxty, 6th August 1852 in Ticehurst, to Peter Puxty & Jane Puxty (formally Weddell)
Thomas Puxty married Sarah Ann Groombridge, 25th August 1873 at Ticehurst. Fathers Peter Puxted & Henry Groombridge. – witness Henry Marshal Groombridge
Rose Emma Puxty, born 25th June 1884 in Flimwell, Ticehurst. To Thomas Puxty & Sarah Ann Puxty (formally Groombridge)


Rose Emma Weller (Puxty)

Census Returns

1911 Thomas Weller
1911 Emily Bertha Marchant
1911 Thomas Puxty & Family

1939 Register

Frank Puxty
Rose Emma Weller (Puxty)
Henry Thomas Puxty
Emily Bertha Marchant (Puxty) & Albert E. Marchant


Lizzie Puxty witnessed the Marriage of Thomas John Weller & Rose Emma Puxty, 1904, Flimwell.
Sarah A. Puxty died dec 1910, age56, Cranbrook, 2a, 495.} FreeBMD
Thomas Puxty, died sept 1923, age 74, Cranbrook, 2a, 836 } FreeBMD
Mary Ann E Puxted born sept 1874, Ticehurst, 2b, 86 } FreeBMD
Frank Puxty married Amy S Dibley, sept 1913, Cranbrook, 2a, 2053 } FreeBMD
Amy S Puxty died Mar 1919, Cranbrook, 2a, 1574 } FreeBMD
Frank Puxty married Bessie E Bateup, Sept 1921, Cranbrook, 2a, 2341 } FreeBMD
Kathleen Daisy R Puxty born jun 1910, ticehurst, 2b, 22 } FreeBMD
Daisy A.M. Puxtey married Mr Knight,mar 1916, Fulham 1a, 804 } FreeBMD
Kathleen R Puxty married Harry L. Williams, June 1938, Brentford, 3a, 700 } FreeBMD

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