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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Thomas Puxty 1852 Ticehurst Ticehurst [b] Ticehurst [c]
Ticehurst [c]
Hawkhurst [a]
Farm Lab.
Flimwell [1]
Farm Lab, Wid
Sarah Ann Puxty (Groombridge) 1855 Leybourne * Wrotham Pembury [d] Ticehurst [c] Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst
Mary A. Puxty 1875 Ticehurst Ticehurst [c] Hawkhurst [a]
Emily B. Marchant (Puxty) 1878 Ticehurst Ticehurst [c] Hawkhurst [a] Hawkhurst
Wife of
Albert Marchant
Hawkhurst [e]
Wife of
Albert Marchant
Henry Puxty 1882 Ticehurst Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst
Rose Emma Weller {Puxty} 1884 Flimwell Hawkhurst [a] Hawkhurst
Gen. Domestic Servent
Wife of Thomas Weller
Ellen E. Puxty 1888 Ticehurst Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst Flimwell
William C.Puxty 1889 Hawkhurst Hawkhurst [a] Ticehurst Flimwell
Farm Lab
Alfred J.Puxty 1893 Hawkhurst Ticehurst Flimwell
Game keeper
Frank Puxty 1893 Hawkhurst Ticehurst Flimwell
Farm Lab
Daisy May Puxty 1895 Hawkhurst Ticehurst

Address Key

* claims to be born in Ticehurst in census’s.
[a] Flimwell Road, Hawkhurst
[b] Flimwell Road, Ticehurst
[c] Flimwell, Ticehurst
[d] Brickhurst, Pembury
[e] 4 Beech Terrace, Hawkhurst
[1] Frances Martin Puxty, GD, 2, Ewhurst, ssx
Marie Ethel Puxty, GD, 6mnths, Hawkhurst, Kent.


Thomas Puxty, 6th August 1852 in Ticehurst, to Peter Puxty & Jane Puxty (formally Weddell)
Thomas Puxty married Sarah Ann Groombridge, 25th August 1873 at Ticehurst. Fathers Peter Puxted & Henry Groombridge. – witness Henry Marshal Groombridge
Rose Emma Puxty, born 25th June 1884 in Flimwell, Ticehurst. To Thomas Puxty & Sarah Ann Puxty (formally Groombridge)


Rose Emma Weller (Puxty)

Census Returns

1911 Thomas Weller
1911 Emily B Marchant
1911 Thomas Puxty & Family


Lizzie Puxty witnessed the Marriage of Thomas John Weller & Rose Emma Puxty, 1904, Flimwell.

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