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Ref. Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
678 Thomas John Weller 1882 Sandhurst Bodiam [a] Bodiam
Bodiam [c]
679 Rose Emma Weller (Puxty) 1884 Flimwell Hawkhurst [b] Hawkhurst
Gen. Domestic Servent
Bodiam [c]
680 Mary Weller 1904 Bodiam Bodiam [c]
681 Rose Emma Weller 1907 Bodiam Bodiam [c]
682 Thomas John Weller 1909 Bodiam Bodiam [c]
683 Margaret Weller 1912 Bodiam
684 Ted Weller 1914 unknown
685 Katherine Weller 1916 unknown

Address Key

[a] The Village, Bodiam
[b] Flimwell Road, Hawkhurst.
[c] Nil Cottage, Bodiam

1939 Register

Thomas & Rose Weller

Cyril & Margaret Russell


Rose Emma Puxty, born 25th June 1884 in Flimwell, Ticehurst. To Thomas Puxty & Sarah Ann Puxty (formally Groombridge)
Thomas John Weller, born 28th April 1882 at Ives, Sandhurst. To Jesse Weller & Mary Weller (formally Willard)
Thomas Weller married Rose Emma Puxty, 20th Aug 1904 at Flimwell. (22 & 22 resp.). Fathers Jesse Weller & Thomas Puxty. Witnesses : Charles Willard & Lizzie Puxty.
Margaret Weller, born 13th April 1912 in Heals Cottages, Bodiam. To Thomas Weller & Rose Emma Weller (formally Puxty)

Census Returns

1911 Thomas Weller


Thomas John Weller
Rose Emma Weller (puxty)
Margaret Russell (Weller)

Parish Records



1882 apr 28 Thomas Weller Jesse & Mary Weller

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