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1760 King George III; 1820 King George IV; 1830 King William IV; 1837 Queen Victoria; 1901 King Edward VII; 1910 King George V
1803-1815 Napoleonic Wars; 1805 Battle of Trafagar; 1815 Battle of Waterloo; 1850 Taiping Rebellion; 1853-1856 Crimean War; 1899-1902 Boer War
1817-1826 Aldington Gang; 1830 Swing Riots

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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Henry Groombridge 1815 Nettlestead Wateringbury[d]
East Malling
Ag lab waggoner
Pembury [b]
Mary Ann Groombridge (Colegate) 1829 Leybourne East Malling Wrotham Pembury [b]
Henry Marshall Groombridge 1847 Leybourne East Maling Wrotham Speldhurst Ticehurst [a]
Railwy Sawyer
Strood [e]
Railway Labourer
Sarah (Mary) Ann Puxty (Groombridge) 1855 Leybourne Wrotham Pembury [b] Ticehurst
Wife of
Thomas Puxty
Wife of
Thomas Puxty
Wife of
Thomas Puxty
Eliza Puxty (Groombridge) 1858 Kingsdown Wrotham Pembury [b] Goudhurst [c]
Wife of
Robert Puxty
Goudhurst [c]
Wife of
Robert Puxty
Goudhurst [c]
Wife of
Robert Puxty

Address Key

[a] Stertenden, Ticehurst
[b] Brickhurst, Pembury
[c] Flimwell Road, Goudhurst.
[d] Old Road, Wateringbury.
[e] 18 Bowes Road, Strood.


Thomas Puxty married Sarah Ann Groombridge, 25th August 1873 at Ticehurst. Fathers Peter Puxted & Henry Groombridge. – witness Henry Marshal Groombridge
Robert Puxty married Eliza Groombridge, , 6th Jan. 1877, @ Flimwell, Fathers Peter Puxty & Henry Groombridge – Witness: Thomas Puxty & Sarah Ann Puxty (Groombridge)
Henry Groombridge married Mary Ann Colegate, , (both “of age”) 11th October 1846 at East Malling. Fathers William Groombridge & William Colegate. – witness William Colegate & Anne Phelps
Henry Marshall Groombridge, born 6th January 1847 in Leybourne, to Henry Groombridge & Mary Ann Groombridge (formally Colegate).

Census Returns

1911 Henry Marshall Groombridge

1911 Mary Naomi Wenman (Puxty) & Eliza Puxty (Groombridge)

1939 Register

Eliza Puxty (Groombridge)


Henry Groombridge died dec 1876, ticehurst, 2b, 53, age 60} FreeBMD
Mary Groombridge died dec 1877, Ticehurst, 2b, 50, age 57} FreeBMD
Sarah A. Puxty died dec 1910, age56, Cranbrook, 2a, 495.} FreeBMD
Henry M Groombridge died jun 1923, Strood, 2a, 714, age 76 } FreeBMD

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