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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Edward Munk 1822 Frittenden Frittenden [a] Marden
Frittenden [a]
Elizabeth Munk (Mercer) 1828 Headcorn Marden
Wife of Edward Munk
Ann Elizabeth Orpin (Munk) 1851 Headcorn Marden Frittenden Frittenden
Frittenden [b] Frittenden [b] Frittenden [c]
Harriet Munk, Hopper (Homewood) 1818 Smarden Biddenden
Wife of Edward Pyner Hopper
Wife of Edward Munk
Charles Homewood Hopper 1850 Biddenden Biddenden Marden [Dallington, Sussex
Sarah Ann Munk (Day) 1837 Biddenden Biddenden Biddenden Biddenden Marden
Wife of Edward Munk
Battersea (1)
Wife of Edward Munk
Visiting George & Julia Hodge
E. Sutton
Edward Munk 1865 Marden Marden Frittenden [a] Headcorn E.Sutton
Ag lab
Assist on farm
Anne Munk 1866 Marden Marden Frittenden [a] Smarden
Visiting Thomas Cramp
William R. Munk 1868 Marden Marden Frittenden [a] Headcorn Wingham
Minnie Fanny Chantler (Munk) 1869 Marden Marden Frittenden [a] Headcorn E.Sutton E.Sutton
Wife of Lewis Chantler

Address Key

[a] Great Bubhurst
[b] Maplehurst Mill, Frittenden
[c] Appleton Farm, Frittenden
(1) Sarah Ann Munk visited George & Julia (her sister) Hodge with Julia Wood (niece) from smarden @ Battersea in 1881


Edward Munk Munk (full age, wid, farmer, maidstone, father: Edward Munk, farmer) married Sarah Ann Day (full age, spinster, Charing, father: Richard Day) on 5th sept 1864 at Maidstone. Witnessís: Charles Day, Elizabeth Day

Edward Munk (36, wid, farmer, maidstone, father: Edward Munk, farmer) married Harriett Hopper (37, widow, Maidstone, father: James Homewood, farmer) on 15th nov 1856 at Maidstone. Witnessís: William Love, Emmerline Love } cert

Census Returns

1911 Sarah Ann Munk (Day)

1911 William R. Munk

1911 Anne Munk


Great Bubhurst Farm , Frittenden (where Edward was born)

Minnie Fanny Chantler (Munk)

Frittenden Gravestones

In loving memory of Edward Munk who died april 24th 1887, aged 65 years. Also of Sarah Ann Munk, widow of above, who died august 9th 1913 aged 75 years.

Biddenden Gravestones

110 Edward Pyner HOPPER of this parish, 5th March 1854 aged 33. Harriet MUNK, widow of above, 8th August 1861 aged 42. Sarah Ann daughter of above, 1st March 1853 aged ten months. Left one son Charles Homewood Hopper

Smarden Gravestones:

(Two coffin shaped stones)
In memory of EDWARD MUNK, Yeoman, of this Parish who departed this life September the 21st 1821 aged 76 years. Also ANN his wife who died June 21st 1822 aged 71 years. Left issue surviving four sons and three daughters (viz) James, John, Edward, Thomas, Ann, Jemina and Sarah

The National Probate Calendar, 1861-1941


Ann Elizabeth Munk (b. 1851, Frittenden) (daughter of Edward Munk) married George Robert Orpin, jun 1876, cranbrook, 2a, 1039 } FreeBMD
Edward Munk married Elizabeth Mercer, dec 1849, Cranbrook, 5, 157 } FreeBMD
Harriet Homewood married Edward Pyner Hopper, jun 1848, tenterden, 5, 563 } FreeBMD
Edward Piner Hopper died mar 1854, W.Ashford, 2a, 300 } FreeBMD
Charles Homewood Hopper born sept 1849, Tenterden, 5, 468 } FreeBMD
Charles Homewood Hopper married Elizabeth Bourne, dec 1875, Rye, 2b, 6 } FreeBMD
Charles Homewood Hopper died Dec 1884, age 35, Ticehurst, 2b, 65 } FreeBMD
Harriet Munk died sept 1861, Maidstone, 2a, 279 } FreeBMD
Minnie Fanny Munk married Lewis William Chantler, Mar 1895, Hollingbourne, 2a, 907 } FreeBMD

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