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1760 King George III; 1820 King George IV; 1830 King William IV; 1837 Queen Victoria; 1901 King Edward VII
1803-1815 Napoleonic Wars; 1805 Battle of Trafagar; 1815 Battle of Waterloo; 1850 Taiping Rebellion; 1853-1856 Crimean War; 1899-1902 Boer War
1817-1826 Aldington Gang.

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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
James Taylor 1806 ? Great Chart
Anne Taylor, Giles (Homewood) 1815 Woodchurch Great Chart
Wife of James Taylor
Great Chart
Wife of Daniel Giles
Great Chart
Wife of Daniel Giles
Great Chart
Wid, Charwoman
Mary Ann Taylor 1835 Woodchurch Great Chart Woodchurch
Visiting William & Sarah Colbran
Elizabeth Taylor 1839 Great Chart Great Chart Great Chart
Stephen Taylor 1841 Great Chart Great Chart Great Chart
Ag lab
James Taylor 1845 Great Chart Great Chart Great Chart
Daniel Giles 1826 Great Chart Great Chart
Farm Labourer
Great Chart
Ag Lab
Fanny Giles 1852 Great Chart Great Chart Great Chart
George John Giles 1854 Great Chart Great Chart Great Chart

Parish Records



1835 21st June Mary Ann Taylor James & Anne Taylor (lab)


1835 31st January Ann Homewood married James Taylor Wit: William Walter & Susan Walter.


James Taylor died 1848, Great Chart } Ancestry
Ann Taylor married Daniel Giles, 23rd Mar 1850, age 34, great chart }Ancestry


From the Kentish Gazette of Tuesday 16 November 1869:
The Accident on the Night of the Fire at Chart Court Lodge. – On Tuesday an inquest was held at the Swan Inn, Great Chart, before Mr Delasaux, coroner for East Kent, on the body of Daniel Giles, aged 44, who met with an accident on the night of the 1st November with two others. Captain Reid was chosen foreman of the jury. The deceased was sent from Great Chart to Ashford on the night of the fire at the Court Lodge to procure fire buckets. On the return journey, while driving along the road beyond the National Schools, where the highway runs between two banks, in company with Mr E. Hill, foreman, and Mr Herring, fishmonger, a sudden jerk threw Edward Hill on to the back of the horse, upset the cart, and threw Herring and deceased on to the ground. It was stated that they were driving steadily at the time, as the night was so dark that they could not see their way. As soon as Hill discovered that the cart was upset, he got off the horse and went back to look for his companions. Deceased was insensible; he was brought back to Ashford, and medical aid was obtained. Mary Ann Hayward deposed to attending the deceased from Thursday last until his death, which took place on Monday night from the injuries he received. A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned. A subscription is being made for the widow, and Mr Walter Hill will receive sums on her behalf.

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