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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Isaac Diprose 1826 Cranbrook Cranbrook Cranbrook
Sweet Seller
Eliza Diprose (Thatcher) 1827 Cranbrook Cranbrook Cranbrook Sissinghurst
Mary Ann Diprose 1850 Cranbrook Cranbrook Cranbrook
Isaac George Diprose 1853 Cranbrook Cranbrook Mareworth
Ag Lab
Harriet Diprose 1855 Cranbrook Cranbrook
Sarah Ann Diprose 1857 Cranbrook
John Thomas Diprose 1859 Cranbrook
Eliza Jane Diprose 1860 Cranbrook Cranbrook Sissinghurst
Elizabeth Ann Diprose 1863 Cranbrook
Emma Diprose 1862 Cranbrook Sissinghurst
Henry James Diprose 1868 Cranbrook Sissinghurst Cranbrook
Workhouse inmate
West Malling
Ag lab
Ag lab
Emily Ann Diprose 1874 Cranbrook

Parish Records



1826 26th feb Isaac Diprose John & Sarah Diprose , age 2
1850 nov 10th Mary Ann Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab
1852 sept 24th Isaac George Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab
1857 oct 25th Harriet Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab, age 3
1857 june 30th Sarah Ann Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab
1859 dec 5th John Thomas Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab
1859 oct 30th Eliza Jane Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab
1863 apr 26th Elizabeth Ann Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab
1874 july 5th Henry James & Emily Ann Diprose Isaac & Eliza Diprose, lab


1850 apl 18th Isaac Diprose, s of John, lab, marries Eliza Thatcher, d of John, lab witness George Jenner, William Diprose, Mary Ann Diprose, Hannah Diprose
1878 may 24th Harriet Diprose, 24, d of Isaac, lab marries Samuel Roberts, 48, wid, ropespinner, s of Stephen, bricklayer


1858 may 15th Sarah Ann Diprose 10mths
1859 april 5th John Thomas Diprose 9 months
1863 june 5th Elizabeth Ann Diprose 11mths
1876 may 25th Isaac Diprose 52


e-mail from Alan Diprose (26/3/07)
I came across your website while exploring some of my own family history. My great grandfather was Isaac Diprose, brother of Edward. Isaac's son, Henry James, moved to West Malling and then settled in Ditton, where he married. He then had a son, also called Henry James, who was my father

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