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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
Edward Munk 1745 ?
Ann Munk (Town) 1751 Sutton Valance
Elizabeth Homewood (Munk) 1770 ?
James Munk 1772 ?
John Munk 1776 Smarden Frittenden
Retired Farmer
Edward Munk ? ?
Thomas Munk 1783 Smarden
Ann Munk 1772 Smarden
Jemima Munk 1787 Smarden
Sarah Munk 1790 Smarden

Parish Records



1772 12th Apr Ann Munk Edward & Ann Munk
1776 2nd June John Munk Edward & Ann Munk
1783 7th Dec Thomas Munk Edward & Ann Munk
1787 10th Jan Jemima Munk Edward & Ann Munk
1792 22nd Jan Sarah Munk Edward & Ann Munk


1770 16th Sep Edward Munk = Ann Town wit: John Wilmot & Thomas Munn
1793 9th Jan James Homewood = Elizabeth Munk wit: Edward Munk, James Munk
1798 12th Dec John Munk = Grace Offen wit: John Fagg, John Crittenden
1799 6th Apr James Munk = Sarah Seely wit: William Evenden, John Crittenden
1804 30th Nov Thomas Munk = Mary Stedman wit: Stephen Gurr, Joseph Judge
1805 20th May Thomas Isteed (westwell) = Jemima Munk wit: James Munk, William Apps


1807 17th june Elizabeth Homewood wife of james

Gravestones - Smarden

To the memory of ELIZABETH wife of JAMES HOMEWOOD and daughter of EDWARD and ANN Munk of this Parish who died June the 12th 1807
aged 36 years. Left issue surviving four sons and three daughters (viz) James, Isaac, Edward, Thomas, Elizabeth, Frances and Ann. A new commandment I give unto you
that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another. St John's Gospel Chapter XIII v.34 She was a tender mother and a parent dear:
a quiet neighbour and a faithful friend. So as she liv'v we hope so is her end.

In memory of EDWARD MUNK, Yeoman, of this Parish who departed this life September the 21st 1821 aged 76 years. Also ANN his wife who died June 21st 1822 aged 71 years.
Left issue surviving four sons and three daughters (viz) James, John, Edward, Thomas, Ann, Jemina and Sarah.

Erected to the memory of SARAH daughter of EDWARD and ANN MUNK late of this Parish who departed this life December the 7th 1822 aged 32 years. To tell the virtues that
perhaps might glow With hallow'd meekness in the dust below To tell the vices that might harbour there And paint each folly to the vulgar stare Were bootless now no censure
could alarm No love could waken and no praise could charm Stranger that wanderest o'er the green turf cold Where sleep my relics in the silent mould Grieve not for me nor idly
seek to learn If aught were mine to reverence or spurn Look to thyself, enough the tomb hath said Enough the graven tablet of the dead, If haply warning as thou ramblest by
This humble stone can teach thee how to die. [The above was chosen by herself.]

Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH daughter of James and Sarah Munk of this Parish who died March the 1st 1806 aged 6 years. In this cold grave lies one whose
gentle youth, Shone bright with native innocence and truth, Stranger to vice no guile her bosom knew, Heav'n claims her soul the earth he spotless due. Also JAMES MUNK who died
February the 13th 1840 aged 68 years. Also SARAH his wife who died December the 6th 1856 aged 86 years.

Family Memory

Sarah Munk


Jemima Munk (19, father Edward Munk) married Thomas Isteed of Westwell, 18th may, 1805 Canterbury Marriage License.

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