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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
James Munk 1772
Sarah Munk (Seally) 1770 Smarden
Elizabeth Munk 1799 Smarden
Sarah Wood (Munk) 1805 Smarden Smarden Smarden
Eliza Munk 1807 Smarden
Harriet Munk 1809 Smarden
James Munk 1811 Smarden

Parish Records



1799 6th Oct Elizabeth James & Sarah Munk
1805 6th Oct Sarah James & Sarah Munk
1807 13th Sep Eliza James & Sarah Munk
1809 4th Jun Harriet James & Sarah Munk
1811 31st Mar James James & Sarah Munk
1772 24th May Sarah John & Phoebe Sealy


1799 6th Apr James Munk = Sarah Seely Wit: William Evenden, John Crittenden
1769 2nd Nov John Sealy = Phoebe Saunders Wit: Samuel Attaway, John Large.


1806 7th mar Elizabeth d. James & Sarah Munk

Gravestone - Smarden

: Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH daughter of James and Sarah Munk of this Parish who died March the 1st 1806 aged 6 years. In this cold grave lies one whose gentle youth, Shone bright with native innocence and truth, Stranger to vice no guile her bosom knew, Heav'n claims her soul the earth he spotless due. Also JAMES MUNK who died February the 13th 1840 aged 68 years. Also SARAH his wife who died December the 6th 1856 aged 86 years.

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