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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
William Mellor 1859 Longnor Longnor [a] Longnor [b] Heathylee [c]
Farm Servent
Heathylee [c]
Farm Servent
Sheen [d]
Longnor [e](1)
Pig Butcher
Emma Mellor (Phillips) 1857 Reapsmoor,Fawfieldhead Fawfieldhead Hartington, Derby
General Servent
Fawfieldhead Sheen [d] Longnor [e]
John Thomas Mellor 1887 Reapsmoor,Fawfieldhead Fawfieldhead Sheen [d]
Cowman on Farm
Edith Mellor 1889 Reapsmoor,Fawfieldhead Fawfieldhead Sheen [d]
Sarah Ellin Mellor 1891 Reapsmoor,Fawfieldhead Fawfieldhead Sheen [d]
Fanny Walker (Mellor) 1896 Sheen Sheen [d] Longnor [f]
Domestic Servent
William Mellor 1900 Sheen Sheen [d] Longnor [e]
Harriot Mellor 1894 Fawfieldhead Sheen [d]

Address Key

[a] longnor edge
[b] underhill
[c] waterhouse
[d] Throstle Nest
[e] Market Place, Longnor
[f] Underhill, Longnor
(1) Thomas Arthur Mellor, GS, 5,Sheen


Fanny Mellor born 4th December 1896 in Throstlenest Sheen, to William Mellor (general labourer) & Emma Mellor (formally Phillips).

William Mellor born 1st November 1859 in Longnor, to William Mellor & Betty Mellor (formally Taylor).

Emma Phillips born 8th February 1857 in Reapsmoor, Fawfieldhead, to Sarah Phillips

William Mellor married Emma Phillips 11th February 1886 at Alstonfield. (27, Longnor & 28, Reapsmoor resp.). Fathers William Mellor (labourer) & John Allport (labourer)

Emma Mellor (widow of William Mellor, Quarryman) died 12th July 1936, age 79, from Senile Decay. A.Mellor (Grandson) present at death. 7 Queen Street, Longnor.

Willian Mellor (General Labourer) died 12th November 1926, age 68, from Haemorrhage. William Mellor (Son) present at death. 7 Queen Street, Longnor.

1911 Census

William Mellor
Fanny Walker (Mellor)


Fanny Walker (Mellor)

Emma Mellor (Phillips)

William & Edith Mellor

Roy Mellor, son of William Mellor jnr.

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