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Ref. Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
248 Gabriel Skinner 1749 Kingsnorth
249 Sarah Skinner (Baker) 1752 Oare
250 Gabriel Skinner 1770 Sussex Burwash
Husband of Lydia
251 Sarah Kemp (Skinner) 1774 ?
Wife of Thomas Kemp
252 Thomas Skinner 1776 Brightling
254 Ann Skinner 1778 ?
255 Mary Skinner 1781 ?
256 Elizabeth Skinner 1784 Brightling
257 Richard Skinner 1787 Brightling
258 Henry Skinner 1793 Brightling Burwash
Ag. Lab.
235 John Skinner 1795 Brightling Bethersden
Bethersden [a]
Bethersden [b]
259 Charles Skinner 1796 Brightling Emigrated to Aus.
260 Stephen Skinner 1799 Brightling Brightling
Ag Lab
Ag Lab
Ag Lab
Ag Lab
261 Ann Skinner 1800 Brightling

Address Key

[a] Farm House, Bethersden
[b] Tenterden Road, Bethersden


John Skinner (45, labourer) married Mary Ann Weller (34, servent), oct 18th 1840 @ Bethersden. Fathers Gabriel Skinner (carpenter) & Joseph Weller (labourer).
Witnesses: James Kemp & Richard Maplesden

Parish Records



1695 24th Nov Elizabeth French James & Elizabeth French
1721 13th Mar John Baker Henry & Elizabeth Baker
1723 25th April Henry Baker Henry & Elizabeth Baker
1725 12th Sept James Baker Henry & Elizabeth Baker


1695 22nd Apr James French = Elizabeth Philpott.
1719 27th Dec Henry Baker = Elizabeth French
1748 11th April Henry Baker = Anne Phillips

Parish Documents

Settlement Certificate
We Stephen FULLER, Joseph CRUTTENDEN and Joshua PELLING Churchwardens and Oversears of the Poor of the Parish of Brightling in the County of Sussex aforesaid, do hereby own and acknowledge Thomas SKINNER and Mary his wife and Gabriel about four years old and Sarah about two years and an infant not baptised their children to be our Inhabitants legally settled in the Parish of Brightling in the County of Sussex aforesaid. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this seventeenth day of September in the 27th year of our Sovereign Lord George the 2nd, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith, and in the Year of our Lord 1753.

Removal order for Gabriel Skinner, his wife Sarah and their children Gabriel (aged about 12yrs), Sarah (aged about 7 years) Thomas (aged about 4 years) and Ann aged (about 3 years) and Mary (aged about 6mths) dated 11 December 1781 from the parish of Ashburnham in the County of Sussex to be removed to Brightling, Sussex. This may be why I was unable to find any baptismal records for some of their children

Ancestory Family Tree's

Sarah Baker born 12th Jan 1752, Oare, Kent to Henry & Ann Baker (Phillips)
Henry Baker married Ann Phillips, 11th april 1748 @ Faversham.
Henry Baker born 1723, Faversham to Henry & Elizabeth Baker (French)
Henry Baker died 1778, age 55 @ Oare.
Henry Baker married Elizabeth French, 27th December, 1719 @ Faversham.
Elizabeth French born 24th Nov, 1695 @ Faversham to James & Elizabeth French (Philpot)


Gabriel Skinner bap 26th nov 1749, Kingsnorth, Kent to Thomas & Mary (Turner) Skinner. } ancestor one tree
Gabriel Skinner born 26th nov 1749, Kingsnorth, to Thomas & Mary Skinner } IGI
Gabriel Skinner married Sarah Baker, 24th Nov 1770, Oare, Kent. } IGI
Gabriel Skinner married Lydia Capeling, 30th april 1798, Bethersden.} IGI
Lydia Capeling bap 16th mar 1777, Betherden. To John & Lyddy Capelin } IGI

Canterbury Marriage License

John Capeling of Bethersden married Lydia Saunders of Shadoxhurst (father David S. Saunders, farmer) 28 may 1775.

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