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1702 Queen Anne; 1714 King George I; 1727 King George II; 1760 King George III
1702-1713 Queen Annes War; 1704 Battle of Blenheim; 1715 Jacobite Rising; 1745 Jacobite Rising; 1756-1763 Seven Years War; 1757 Battle of Plassey; 1775-1783 American Revolutionary War; 1789-1799 French Revolution
1690-1730 Golden Age of Pirates; 1735-1749 Hawkhurst Gang

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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
John Jell 1703 Smarden
Elizabeth Jell (Bassocke) 1706 ??
John Jell 1729 Smarden
Elizabeth Jell 1730 Smarden
George Jell 1732 Smarden
William Jell 1734 Smarden
Joseph Jell 1734 Smarden
William Jell 1735 Smarden
Sarah Jell 1737 Smarden
James Jell 1739 Smarden
Iden Jell 1741 Smarden
Mary Jell 1743 Smarden
John Jell 1745 Smarden
Anna Jell 1747 Smarden
Benjamin Jell 1749 Smarden

Parish Records



1729 17th April John Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1730 20th October Elizabeth Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1732 29th March George Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1734 16th April William Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1734 16th April Joseph Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1735 16th November William Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1737 30th October Sarah Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1739 30th November James Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1741 21st June Iden Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1743 6th June Mary Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1745 22nd September John Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1747 8th july Anne Jell John & Elizabeth Jell
1749 12th January Benjamin Jell John & Elizabeth Jell


1762 1st November Sarah Jell = Richard Chalk (Queenborough), Wit: william brown, john jell
1773 2nd November Mary Jell = John Cornes
1784 30th June John Jell = Mary Attaway (wid) Wit: Robert Russell, Thomas Munn
1786 9th May Ann Jell = Thomas Hinds Wit: william jell, john cornes


1735 william jell of john/elizabeth
1744 john jell s. john/eleizabeth
1772 John Jell
1792 elizabeth jell 87, Widow

Parish Records



1705 16th oct Elizabeth Bassocke Gulielmi & Idena Bassocke


1728 9th july John Jull (smarden) married Elizabeth Bassock (Headcorn)

Gravestones - Smarden

In memory of MARTHA, wife of WILLIAM JELL of this parish, who died January the 21st 1807 aged 77 years. Also of WILLIAM JELL, Yeoman,
who died August the 18th 1822 aged 86 years. Say you who meditate these realms of Peace, Where Wisdom Courage and Ambition cease;
May not the Grave some useful lessons give Instruct the heart, and teach it how to live, Let Sacred duties guard the tender mind, Virtue alone,
true happiness can find.

In memory of JOHN NOAKES, (late of Staplehurst) who died June the 19th 1806 aged 77 years. Also ELIZABETH his wife (daughter of JOHN and ELIZABETH JELL,
of this Parish) who died July 22nd 1785 aged 54 years. Likewise JOHN their son who died January the 12th 1780 aged 20 years.
Left surviving one son and three daughters (viz) Benjamin, Ann, Elizabeth and Sarah.

In memory of JOHN JELL of this Parish, Yeoman, who died July the 8th 1772 aged 69 years. Also Elizabeth his wife who died June 28th 1792 aged 86 years.
Left issue 6 sons and 5 daughters George, Joseph, William, James, John, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Sarah, Iden, Mary and Ann.

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