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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Thomas Hope
1855 Staplehurst Staplehurst Staplehurst Aylesford
Farm Bailiff
Farm Steward
Chipstead [a]
Commision Agent
Olive Hope (Rofe)
1857 Frittenden Frittenden Frittenden Frittenden Aylesford Seal Chipstead [a]
Frank Hope 1881 Frittenden Aylesford Seal
Carpenter & Electrical Assistant
Thomas Hope 1886 Frittenden Aylesford Seal
Chipstead [a]
Carpenter Joiner
Mabel Hope 1890 Aylesford Aylesford Seal Chipstead [a]
Charles Hope 1893 Aylesford Seal Chipstead [a]
Gardners Assistant
Arthur Hope 1895 Maidstone Seal Chipstead [a]

Address Key

[a] White House, Chipstead

Census Returns

1911 Frank Hope

Parish Records



1880 Jul 6 HOPE Thomas (26) Labourer (Ba) of Staplehurst (S of) George, Farmer ROFE Olive Worsley (23) (Sp) of Frittenden (D of) Thomas Worsley, Farmer Witnessed by: Stephen Hope, Deborah Hope

Census Returns

1911 Olive Hope (Rofe)

Gravestone - Staplehurst

George HOPE of Chickhurst Farm in this parish died 13 December 1888 aged 69 years. Sarah Loudwell his wife died 8 October 1886 aged 65 years. Left issue 4 sons, George, Stephen, John and Thomas. Also John George, eldest son of John and Emma Hope and grandson of the above died 2 October 1886 aged 13 years.


Olive Worsley Rofe married Thomas Hope sept 1880, Maidstone, 2a, 1025 } FreeBMD

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