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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Norton Cornes 1829 Smarden Headcorn Headcorn [a]
Grocer & Beer Seller
Smarden [a](2)
Miller & Innkeeper
Esther Cornes (Barnes) 1837 Tonbridge Headcorn Smarden Smarden[a]
Innkeeper & Miller
Innkeeper & Miller
Sarah Cornes 1857 Headcorn Headcorn Smarden Smarden
Susan Cornes 1859 Headcorn Headcorn
Ann Morley (Cornes) 1861 Headcorn Headcorn Smarden Smarden Bapchild
Wife of Walter Morley
Lewisham [b]
Wife of Walter Morley
Lewisham [d] (3)
Wife of Walter Morley
Esther Cornes 1863 Headcorn Smarden Smarden Kenardington [e]
Elizabeth Gillott (Cornes) 1865 Headcorn Smarden Hastings
Drapers Assistant
Kenardington [e]
Wife of William H. Gillott
Lewisham [c]
Wife of William H. Gillott
Lewisham [d]
Thomas Cornes 1867 Smarden Smarden Smarden
Smarden [f]
Corn Merchant
Smarden [f]
Miller & Baker
Eliza Cornes 1870 Smarden Smarden Smarden Smarden
Drapers Ass.
Lewisham [b]
Smarden [g]
Living on own means
Eva Cornes 1872 Smarden Smarden Smarden Lewisham [b]
Smarden [g]
Living on own means
Agnes Cornes 1874 Smarden Smarden Smarden Lewisham [b]
Smarden [g] (4)
Organist and teacher of piano

Address Key

[a] Chequers Inn,Smarden
[b] 15 Brownhill Gardens, Lewisham
[c] 16 Brownhill Gardens, Lewisham
[d] 325 Brownhill Road, Catford, Lewisham
[e] Place Farm, Kenardington
[f] Mill House, Smarden
[g] Nortons, Smarden
(1) Martha Barnes, SIL, b.1849, Tonbridge
(2) Emily Barnes, SIL, b.1856, Tonbridge
Peter Barnes, serv, b.1813
Jesse Barnes, lodge, ag lab, b.1822, Cranbrook
(3) Herbert Norton Cornes, nephew, Smarden, age 14
(4) Thomas Harold Gillott, Nephew, 16, Kenardington

Census Returns

1911 Ann Morley (Cornes)

1911 Thomas Cornes

1911 Eliza, Eva & Abigail Cornes

1911 Elizabeth Gilett (Cornes)

Walter Morley

Walter Morley (1863-1936) was a pioneering English philatelist, stamp dealer and philatelic author. The first address known for Morley is 186 West Green Road, Tottenham, London N. In 1898 his address is given as 15 Brownhill Gardens, Hither Green, Catford, London S.E.[2] and by 1910 as 325 Brownhill Road, Catford, London S.E.
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Walter Morely - Photo and Magazine Cover

Smarden Gravestones

Sacred to the memory of NORTON CORNES of this Parish who died December 19th 1873 aged 44 years. Leaving a widow and eight children, Sarah, Ann, Esther, Elizabeth, Thomas, Eliza, Eva and Agnes. Also of SUSAN daughter of the above who died June 6th 1862 aged 3 years.


Sarah Cornes died Jun 1897, 2a, 425, age 40 } FreeBMD
Ann Cornes married Walter Morley, sept 1887, W.Ashford, 2a, 1177 } FreeBMD
Esther Cornes died sept 1892, W.Ashford, 2a, 411, age 29 } FreeBMD
Elizabeth Cornes married William Henry Gillott, Dec 1890, w.ashford, 2a, 1410 } FreeBMD
Elizabeth Gillott died sept 1930, w.ashford, 2a, 981, age 65
Thomas Cornes married Louisa Amos, jun 1896, eastry, 2a, 1767 } FreeBMD
Thomas Cornes died dec 1920, w.ashford, 2a, 1005, age 53 } FreeBMD
Eliza Cornes died dec 1920, w.ashford, 2a, 1006, age 51 } FreeBMD
Eva Cornes died dec 1950, ashford, 5b, 18, age 78 } FreeBMD
Agnes Cornes died sept 1955, ashford, 5b, 31, age 81 } FreeBMD
Esther Cornes died mar 1901, Lewisham, 1d, 738, age 64 } FreeBMD

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