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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Joseph Shoobridge 1805? Benenden Australia?
Anne Shoobridge (Kadwell) 1798 Rolvenden Benenden [b]
School Mistress
School Mistress
Living with daughter annie smith
Living with daughter annie smith
James Shoobridge 1824 Benenden Died 1825
George Shoobridge 1826 Benenden Abroad in army?
Jane Shoobridge 1828 Benenden Benenden [b] Benenden
Living with Uncle James Shoobridge
Wife of Owen Southon
James Shoobridge 1831 Benenden Benenden [b]
Ann Shoobridge 1832 Benenden Benenden [b] Cranbrook
Visiting Mary Iggulden
Wife of Richard Smith
Wife of Richard Smith
Wife of Richard Smith

Address Key

[b] Iden Green

Parish Records

High Halden


1824 8th August James Shoobridge Joseph & Ann Shoobridge
1826 3rd Dec George Shoobridge Joseph & Ann Shoobridge
1828 30th Nov Jane Shoobridge Joseph & Ann Shoobridge
1831 30th Jan James Shoobridge Joseph & Ann Shoobridge
1832 21st March Ann Shoobridge Joseph & Ann Shoobridge


1824 14th Jan Ann Kadwell (Rolvenden) married Joseph Shoobridge Wit: Joseph Shoobridge, William Farley.


1825 28th May James Shoobridge Inf


Ann Shoebridge married Richard Smith, mar 1854, Lambeth, 1d, 441 } FreeBMD
Jane Shoobridge married Owen Southon, sept 1850, Cranbrook, 5, 113 } FreeBMD
Jane Southon died Dec 1852, Cranbrook, 2a, 267 } FreeBMD

Story from Ancestory.co.uk from “Merrion4”

Joseph Shoobridge was in partnership with his uncle James Shoobridge as a bricklayer at Benenden, Kent. - Pigots Directory 1840: Bricklayers - Shoobridge James & Jos. I do not have any details of his birth, however I am guessing he may have been the son of Joseph Shoobridge and Sarah Watson. They married on 4 Feb 1805 at Rolvenden, Kent. Joseph snr. died in 1807 at Benenden. Please note this is only an assumption until verification can be found. Joseph jnr. married Ann Kadwell on 4 Jan 1824 at St George Parish Church, Benenden. They had 5 known children James (1824-1825); George (1826- ); Jane (1828-1852); James (1831- ) and Ann (1832- ). He then seems to disappear from records. Ann and her children Jane, James and Ann were living at Iden Green in 1841, where Ann was a school mistress. This ties in with the will of James Shoobridge (the uncle of Joseph) written in 1851. "I give and devise unto my nephew John Shoobridge of Wadhurst in the County of Sussex, Farmer and Jane Shoobridge the daughter of my nephew Joseph Shoobridge and now the wife of Owen Southon who is now living with me as Housekeeper their heirs and assigns all that messuage in two tenements situate in Iden Green in the said Parish of Benenden part whereof is now in the occupation of Anne, the wife of my said nephew Joseph Shoobridge." In 1851, Ann is living on her own at Benenden, where she continued as school mistress. Her marital status is married. I cannot find her in 1861, but re-appears in 1871 in East St, Farnham, Surrey, as a widow living with her daughter Ann and family. She is still living with Ann in 1881 census at 35 East St, Farnham. She died at Farnham in 1888. I recently found convict records for Joseph Shoobrige of Kent, transported to Tasmania, for 15 years. This Joseph was tried at Kent Assizes on 23 Jul 1840. Embarked on the Hindostan on 28 Sep 1840 and arrived 19 Jan 1841. He was Protestant and could read and write. He was a bricklayer and plasterer by trade, a native of Rovenden Kent (Rolvenden). Noted on his conduct record was: "Transported for Burglary. Good report Character good Connexions respectable. Hulk report orderly & married. Stated this offence Housebreaking and stealing loin of mutton M Weston? (possibly Mrs Weston - there was an Anne Weston, farmer living near Iden Green, Benenden) of Bennington (Benenden?) Kent. Married & 4 children. Height: 5' 9" Age 35 Complexion fresh Head round Hair light brown Whiskers light brown Visage round Forehead high Eyebrows light brown Eyes dark blue Nose large Mouth small Chin large. Scar on right thumb. Offences & Sentences: 12th April 1841 - Neglected duties as overseer, severely reprimanded/ PA (Port Arthur?) 30th June 1841 - Port Arthur - misconduct in extracting a kidney from the boy's rations of which he had charge, twelve months hard labour in chains. 7th Feb 1842 - PA (Port Arthur) absconded 9th Sep 1843 - Misconduct in having skewers in his possession - six days solitary 28th May 1845 - Absent without leave and drinking in a public house - ten days hard labour 15th Oct 1845 - Drunk and absent without leave - 3 months hard labour These offences continued on his record up to 1855. Poor Joseph, his family did not join him, so he was alone until his death on 27 Sep 1858. He is apparently buried at Launceston, Tasmania. I have been advised that his death certificate contains no further information on him. I believe this Joseph is the nephew of James Shoobridge and husband of Ann Kadwell

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