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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Robert Kadwell 1789 Rolvenden Rolvenden [a]
Rolvenden [a]
Catherine “Kitty” Kadwell (Hayward) 1797 Benenden Rolvenden [a] Rolvenden [a] Rolvenden Cranbrook [b]
Owner of Land, wid
Harriet Kadwell 1826 Rolvenden
Sally Kadwell 1828 Rolvenden Rolvenden [a] Rolvenden [a] Rolvenden
Ambrose Kadwell 1832 Rolvenden
Fanny Louisa Kadwell 1834 Rolvenden Rolvenden [a] Rolvenden Cranbrook [b]
Wife of Henry Dungay
Cranbrook [c]
Wife of Henry Dungay
Cranbrook [c]
Wife of Henry Dungay
Cranbrook [c]
Wife of Henry Dungay

Address Key

[a] Manor House, Rolvenden
[b] Bents Farm, Cranbrook
[c] The Vents, Cranbrook

Parish Records



1797 15th May Kitty Hayward Samuel & Sarah Hayward


Rye, Sussex


1822 2nd dec Robert Kadwell = Catherine Hayward

Rolvenden Gravestones

Catharine wife of Robert KADWELL born 17 March 1797 died 26 August 1877
Robert KADWELL born 15 August 1789 died February 23 1864 leaving a widow and 2 daughters – Sally and Fanny.
Three coped graves: Sally KADWELL born 31 December 1825 died 7 July 1864
Harriet KADWELL daughter of Robert and Kitty Kadwell died 9 March 1826 aged 8 months. Also Ambrose their son died 22 July 1832 aged 8 months.

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