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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Samuel Brown 1851 Tenterden Tenterden (a)
Smarden (b)
Smarden (b)
Grace Brown (Homewood) 1851 Biddenden Biddenden Biddenden Tenterden (a) Smarden (b) Smarden (b)
Mary Homewood Brown 1877 High Halden Tenterden (a) Smarden (b) High Halden
Domestic & Dressmaker
Thomas Brown 1879 Biddenden Tenterden (a) Smarden (b) Smarden (b)
Albert Brown 1881 High Halden Smarden (b)
Arthur Brown 1882 Tenterden Smarden (b) Smarden (b)
Percy Brown 1884 Tenterden Smarden (b) Smarden (b)
Edith Brown 1885 Tenterden Smarden (b) Smarden (b)
Jessie Brown 1887 Tenterden Smarden (b) Smarden (b)
Edwin Brown 1888 Tenterden Smarden (b) Smarden (b)
Samuel Brown 1891 Tenterden Smarden (b)
Ruth Brown 1893 Smarden Smarden (b)
Annie Brown 1895 Smarden Smarden (b)
Ernest Offen Homewood 1870 Smarden Smarden Smarden [d] Smarden [a]
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Ag. Lab.

Address Key

[a] Pen Hill, Tenterden
[b] Pope House, Smarden

Parish Records

High Halden


1877 29th Apr Mary Homewood Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1878 29th Dec Thomas Isaac Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1880 27th Jan Albert Ernest Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1882 30th Apr Arthur Samuel Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1885 30th Aug Percy John Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1885 30th Aug Edith Grace Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1886 24th Oct Jessie Janet Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1888 29th Jan Edwin Charles Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1888 28th Oct Bertram Augutus Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1890 31st Aug Samuel Isaac Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1898 16th Oct Ruth Rebecca Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown
1898 16th Oct Annie Martha Samuel Isaac & Grace Brown


Samuel Brown & Grace Homewood

David Homewood

Mary Homewood Homewood (Brown)

Mary, Annie & Ruth Brown

Edith, Arthur & Annie Brown

Jessie Janet Brown

Edwin Charles Brown

Ernest Homewood

Ian & Hugh Homewood

Grace Rebecca Borton (Homewood)

David, Daphne, Margaret & Linda Borton

Linda Joy Borton

Paper Clipping


Information emailed to me by Linda Joy Borton (30-03-2012), including all the death dates.
She also informs me that Edith Grace Brown married a Middleton. Jessie Janet Brown emigrated to New Zealand.
Edwin Charles Brown was killed in WWI.
Ian David Homewood emigrated to New Zealand in the 1950s.

Samuel Isaac Brown marries Grace Homewood, Dec 1876, Tenterden, 2a, 1166 } FreeBMD
Edith G Brown marries Frederick Middleton, Sept 1915, w.Ashford, 2a, 2711 } FreeBMD
Mary Homewood Brown marries Ernest Homewood, Dec 1907, W.Ashford, 2a, 1822} FreeBMD
George H.J. Borton marries Grace R. Homewood, Mar 1941, Hollingbourne, 2a, 3177 } FreeBMD

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