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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
George Wighton Kidd 1849 Dundee
Eliza Eugenia Kidd (Heron) 1854 Bradford Bradford Bradford [a] Bradford [a]
Merchant Seamans Wife
Baildon (1)
Living on own means
Bradford [b](2)
George Charles Heron Kidd 1881 Bradford Bradford [a] Baildon Shipley Belgrave, London [c]
Engine Fitter
Albert Kidd 1882 Bradford Baildon Shipley Bradford [b]
Stuf merchant warehouseman.
David Wighton Kidd 1884 Bradford Baildon Bradford [d]
Window Fitter

Address Key

[a] 30 Hanover Square, Bradford.
[b] 102 New Cross Street, West Bowling, Bradford
[c] 39 Glamorgan Street, Belgrave, London.
[d] 63 Holly Bank Road, Gt Horton, Bradford.
(1) James Heron,father,wid,75,b.1816,Scotland
(2) Edith Kidd, DIL, m, 30, b. 1881, Welshpool, Wales Wife of George Kidd.

Census Returns

1911 Eliza Eujine Kidd (Heron)

1911 George Charles Heron Kidd

1911 David Wigton Kidd

Marraige Record

Eliza Heron (21, father: James Heron, Draper) married George Wigton Kidd (21, Manningham, William Kidd, gentleman),
21st February 1880 at parish church, Manningham, Yorkshire. Witness: James Heron & Annie Raunsley

Parish Records

St Jude, Manningham


1880 21st Feb George Wigton Kidd (21, First Mate, 30 Hanover Sq) marries
Eliza Eugenie Heron (21, 30 Hanover Square).
Fathers: William Kidd (Gentleman) & James Heron (Draper).
Wit: James Heron

St Marks, Manningham


1908 26th August George Charles Heron Kidd (27, Engine Fitter, 20 Alberta Street) marries
Edith Woodcock (28, 46 Lincoln Rd)
Fathers: George Kidd (Deceased) & Albert Henry Woodcock (no occupation).

St Stephens, Bowling


1910 27th October David Wighton Kidd (27, Police Constable, 20 Ramsden Terrace) marries
Emily Lane (22, 122 New Cross St)
Fathers: George Kidd (deceased, Sea Captain) & Stephen Lane (Railway Guard).
Wit: albert Kidd, Stephen lane.

Maritime Certificates of George Wighton Kidd



George Kidd, born sept 1880, Bradford, 9b, 224 } FreeBMD
Eliza Eugene heron born june 1853, Bradford, 9b, 77 } FreeBMD
George Wigton Kidd married eliza Eugenia heron, mar 1880, Bradford, 9b, 203 } FreeBMD
David Wigton Kidd born dec 1883, Bradford, 9b, 218 } FreeBMD
David W. Kidd married Dec 1910, Bradford, 9b, 192 } FreeBMD
George Wighton Kidd, born 7.3.1849, son of William Kidd and Ann Wighton, died in Homestead, Pennsylvania, 3.3.1888

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