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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Robert Heron 1841 Bradford Bradford Bradford [a] Bradford [a]
Stuff Warehouseman
Bradford [b]
Stuff Salesman
Menston [c]
Manager of Stuff warehouse
Menston [c] (1)
Manager of Stuff warehouse
Menston [c]
Elizabeth Katherine Heron (Newsome) 1840 Aberford Bradford [b] Menston [c] Menston [c] Menston [c]
Labia Heron 1871 Bradford Bradford [b]
Cyril W. Heron 1874 Bradford Menston [c] Menston [c] Menston [c]

Address Key

[a] 30 Hanover Square, Bradford
[b] 71 Jempson Place
[c] 3 Warfdale View
(1) Mary Binns,serv,s,25,Domestic Servent,b.1866,Kelfield

Census Returns

1911 Cyril W. Heron

Marraige Record

Robert Heron (25, Warehouseman, Bradford, father: James Heron, Hawker) married Elizabeth Newsome (27, Dewsbury, William Newsome, Innkeeper),
17th May 1866 at parish church, Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Witness: James Heron


Wifes name is Elizabeth in 1871 & 1901, and Katherine C. in 1881 & 1891 – doesn’t husband know her name?. Note both listings have her birth place as Aberford, so is probably the same woman.

Robert Heron married Elizabeth Newsome, June 1866, Dewsbury, 9b, 763 } FreeBMD
Cyril Wilks Heron born December 1874, Bradford, 9b, 102 } FreeBMD

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