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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
William Wood 1749 Woodchurch
Mary Wood (Philpott) 1757 Great Chart
William Wood 1777 Great Chart Smarden
Sarah Buss (Wood) 1778 Great Chart
Elizabeth Ottaway (Wood) 1784 Great Chart
Hannah Turk (Wood) 1787 Great Chart
Winifred Wood 1789 Smarden
Harriet Homewood (Wood) 1792 Smarden
Charles Wood 1796 Smarden

Gravestones - Smarden

To the memory of WILLIAM WOOD late of this Parish, Yeoman who died the 9th of November 1814 aged 64 years. Leaving issue by Mary his wife
two sons and five daughters (viz) William, Charles, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Winney and Harriet. Farewell my dear and faithful wife, My sons
and daughters too, Tho' never in this mortal life Again you must me view: Close in Our Saviour's footsteps tread, Of love divine possess'd with
the dead, Your souls will be at rest. Also MARY his wife who died the 25th of March 1839 aged 82 years.

Sacred to the memory of HARRIOT HOMEWOOD Wife of JAMES HOMEWOOD, Yeoman, of this Parish who died September 29th 1831 aged 39 years.
Leaving surviving 7 children viz 4 sons and 3 daughters. Also of EMMA who died an infant. My children dear: I bid you all adieu! By God's command,
I leave this world and you, And trust my friends whom I have left behind, Will give you comfort, and you be kind.

Gravestones - Bethersden

Hannah wife of Samuel TURK of this parish and daughter of William and Mary WOOD, senior, of Smarden, died 16 April 1819 aged 32. Left issue surviving
five sons: Charles, James, Edward, Alfred and John. Also William son of above 27 July 1810 aged 3 years.

Samuel TURK of this parish 7 July 1867 aged 82. Ann his wife 5 September 1865 aged 68. Left surviving five sons and two daughters:
Charles, James, Edward, Alfred, John, Eliza and Frances.

Headcorn Gravestone

132.m WOOD of this ..eb the 18th 1808. Sarah wife of . . 1783 aged 61 years. Left issue four sons and . daughters viz Mary, (?John), Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Hannah, Daniel, Winefred, Henry and (?Ann).

Legal Documents

Will of William Wood

Parish Records

Great Chart


1756 8th aug Mary Philpott William & Mary Philpott
1777 24th August William Wood William & Mary Wood
1778 27th dec Sarah Wood William & Mary Wood
1784 4th april Elizabeth Wood William & Mary Wood
1787 20th mar Hannah Wood William & Mary Wood


1776 13th Oct William Wood = Mary Philpott



1789 Winifred Wood William & Mary Wood
1792 4th may Harriet Wood William & Mary Wood
1796 Charles Wood William & Mary Wood


1817 12th may James Homewood married Harriet Wood Witnesses: James Hosmer & Thomas Hinds
1799 8th jan Sarah Wood married Richard Buss, consent of father William Wood. Witness William Wood & Mary Hooker
1803 22nd June Elizabeth Wood (minor) married James Ottaway Witness: Thomas Hinds & William Evenden
1806 23rd June George Seeley = Winney Wood (minor, consent of father). Wit: John Seeley, John Crittenden


William Wood married Mary Philpott, 13th oct 1776, @ Great Chart, Kent } mid kent marriage index.

Mary Philpott, born 8th aug 1755, Great Chart, to William & Mary Philpott.} Ancestor.co.uk

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