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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Herbert Banks Davies ? ?
Mary Ann Davies (?) ? ?
Charles Joseph Rand Davies 1840 Rotherhithe
John Banks Davies 1843 Rotherhithe
Henry Banks Davies 1843 Rotherhithe Cripplegate Finsbury (a)
Gas Fitter
Finsbury [k]
Gas Fitter

Address Key

[a] 4 Tyler Court, Finsbury.
[k] 14 Banner Street, Finsbury.

Parish Records

St Mary's Rotherhithe


1840 Aug 13th Charles Joseph Rand davies Herbert & Mary Ann Davies (elephant lane, labourer)
1843 31st may John Banks Davies Herbert & Mary ann Davies (wells tenaments, Labourer)
1843 18th Dec Henry Banks Davies Herbert Banks & Mary Ann Davies (Deptford Lower Road, Labourer)

St bartholomew, City of London


1859 17th May John Banks Davies (22, Butcher) marries Mary Caroline Kinsey (18) Fathers: Herbert Davies (cattle dealer) and Josiah Kinsey (Baker)
1861 9th jan Charles Joseph Rand davies (26, 79 milton street) marries Elizabeth Stapleton (27) Fathers: Herbert davies (box maker?) & Richard Stapleton (Farmer)

St Lukes, Finsbury


1865 13th June Henry Banks Davies (gas fitter) married Ellen Hughes Fathers: Herbert Banks Davies (cattle dealer) and Michael Gibbs Hughes (bricklayer)

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