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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
Maurice Walker 1934 Longnor
Catherine Margaret Walker (Anderson) 1931 Rhyl
Carol Linda Russell (Walker) 1959
Ann Tracy Faulds (Walker) 1962
Pamela Walker (Jones) 1931


Catherine Margaret Anderson born 16th March 1931 in 37 Handsworth Crescent, Rhyl, to William Henry Anderson & Lillian May Anderson (formally Booth).

Maurice Walker born 6th November 1934 in Market Place. Longnor, to Charles Edward Walker & Fanny Walker (formally Mellor).

Maurice Walker (22, Electrical Engineer) married Catherine Margeret Anderson (26, spinster) 8th June 1957 at St Asaph. (both living at 37 Handsworth Crescent, Rhyl). Fathers Charles Walker (Lime Burner) & William Henry Anderson (Postman, deceased).

Catherine Margeret Walker (72 Victoria Road West, Prestatyn) died 7th July 1972, born 16th March 1931, from Carcinoma Breast. Maurice Walker present at death. Llangwyfan Hospital, Llangwyfan.


Maurice Walker

Catherine Margeret Walker (Anderson)

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