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Ref. Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
711 William Bishop 1773 Benenden Benenden
Ag lab
Ag lab
712 Elizabeth Bishop (Friday) 1786 Lenham Benenden Benenden Folkstone
713 Edward Bishop 1804 Benenden
695 Elizabeth Anne Weller (Bishop) 1805 Benenden * Sandhurst Sandhurst [b] Sandhurst [f]
714 Amy Bishop 1812 Benenden
715 William Bishop 1814 Benenden
716 Henry Bishop 1816 Benenden
717 Ann Dorothy Bishop 1819 Benenden Benenden
718 Charles Bishop 1822 Benenden Benenden
719 Richard Bishop 1825 Benenden
720 Daniel Thomas Bishop 1828 Benenden Benenden Benenden
Ag lab
721 Richard Bishop 1838 Benenden Benenden Dover
Bricklayer lab

Address Key

* Anne Bishop claimed on the census that she was born in Sandhurst
[b] Silverdene, Sandhurst
[f] The Cross, Sandhurst

Parish Records



1804 24th March Edward Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop
1805 12th June Elizabeth Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop. Note: this must be Elizabeth ANNE Bishop who married John Weller
1812 9th February Amy Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop
1814 10th july William Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop
1816 15th December Henry Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop
1819 21st nov Ann Dorothy Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop
1822 2nd June Charles Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop
1825 17th April Richard Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop
1828 18th june Daniel Thomas Bishop William & Elizabeth Bishop


1803 11th December William Bishop, OTP to Elizabeth Friday, Spinster OTP Wit: Edward Bishop, Thomas Pellat.
1812 8th nov Jacob Friakins, OTP to Amy Friday, OTP Wit: William Bishop, Jervis Munn


1830 10th July Richard Bishop age 5
1855 3rd September William Bishop age 82 – therefore born: 1773

Parish Records



1827 23 july John Weller married Anne Bishop witness Mary Weller

Information from Cheryl Rolfe

John Weller m. Ann Bishop 28/7/1827 (both of this parish), witnesses Mary Weller and Samuel James? (Samuel’s surname hard to read).
There were two Bann entries for their marriage.
John Weller of this parish and Anne Bishop of the Parish of Benenden, 7th, 15th and 30th January 1827.
John Weller and Anne Bishop both of this Parish, 8th, 15th and 22nd July 1827.

John Weller, Ives Sandhurst, 21/4/1883 – 70 years (I think it should be 80)
Elizabeth Annie, wife of John Weller, Sandhurst Cross, 18/10/1865 – 60 years.

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