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1727 King George II; 1760 King George III; 1820 King George IV; 1830 King William IV; 1837 Queen Victoria
1745 Jacobite Rising; 1756-1763 Seven Years War; 1757 Battle of Plassey; 1775-1783 American Revolutionary War; 1789-1799 French Revolution; 1803-1815 Napoleonic Wars; 1805 Battle of Trafagar; 1815 Battle of Waterloo
1735-1749 Hawkhurst Gang; 1817-1826 Aldington Gang; 1830 Swing Riots

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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
John Offen 1741 ??
Margaret Offen (Kingsnorth) 1741 Kenardington
Henry Offen ?? ??
William John Offen ?? ??
Richard Offen 1768 Smarden
Essex Offen 1770 Smarden
Benjamin Offen 1771 Smarden
Winifred Offen 1773 Smarden
Wilkins Offen 1775 Smarden
George Offen 1776 Smarden
Margaret Offen 1777 Smarden
Mary Offen 1779 Smarden
Susanna Offen 1783 Smarden
Grace Offen 1780 Smarden
Phillis Offen 1786 Smarden

Parish Records



1768 3rd December Richard Offen John & Margaret Offen
1770 25th February Essex Offen John & Margaret Offen
1771 2rd june Benjamin Offen John & Margaret Offen
1773 25th April Winifred Offen John & Margaret Offen
1775 11th june Wilkins Offen John & Margaret Offen
1776 8th sept George Offen John & Margaret Offen
1777 5th December Margaret Offen John & Margaret Offen
1779 28th March Mary Offen John & Margaret Offen
1780 27th oct Grace Offen John & Margaret Offen
1783 31st aug Susanna Offen John & Margaret Offen
1786 5th june Phillis Offen John & Margaret Offen


1790 11th oct Richard Offen = Mary Hooker wit: Essex Offen, John Crittenden
1798 John Munk = Grace Offen Witness: John Fagg, John Crittenden
1803 13th June Benjamin Offen (newdigate) = Sarah Hickmott (Smarden) wit: William Hickmott


1779 21st aug George Offen Inf
1804 29th March John Offen farner, peasmarsh, sussex
1810 1st February Margaret Offen 70, wid of Mr John Offen, Beckley

Gravestones - Smarden

In memory of Mr. JOHN OFFEN, who departed this Life March 24th 1804 Aged Sixty three Years. Here rests the mortal part of One, who knew The Christian's Hope and kept his End in View, Religion's path devoutly
firm he trod, Fervent his Praises and his Prayers to God. His Life was formed on no Fanatic Plan Love to his God breath'd
Charity to Man: He Strove by Works a Christian's Faith to Suit, Aware, who cursed the Fig-Tree wanting Fruit. Also In Memory of MARGARET his Wife, died January 25 1810 Aged 69 years, of their two sons and a daughter deceased, George aged three years;
Thomas nine months; and Elizabeth twenty eight years. Their issue living are Henry, John William, Richard, Essex, Benjamin, Winifrid,
Wilkins, Margaret, Mary, Grace, Susan and Phillis.

(Pair of Coffin shaped stones.) Sacred to the memory of RICHARD OFFEN, yeoman, of this Parish, who departed this life June 28th 1843, aged 74 years.
Also MARY, Wife of the above who departed this life June 21st 1846, aged 79 years. Left issue 2 sons, viz., John and William

[309] In memory of ESSEX OFFEN of this parish Yeoman, who died 8th February 1833 aged 62 years.
Also SARAH his wife who died 5th January 1860 aged 79 years. Left issue 8 children (viz) ESSEX, BENJAMIN, WILLIAM, MARGARET, THOMAS, JAMES,
WILKINS and EDWIN. Farewell my wife & children dear, I must be gone, and leave you here, Here I lie, free from all pain, Till Christ, shall raise me up again.

Tithes 1838 - Boughton Malherbe

Benjamin Offen


John Offen married Margaret Kingsnorth , 26th jan 1762, Kenardington, Kent.~} Mid Kent Marraige Index.

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