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Name Birth Birthplace 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
Samuel Hinkley 1749 Cranbrook
Sarah Hinkley (Leigh) ?? ??
Samuel Hinkley 1775 Cranbrook
Sarah Butler (Hinkley) 1776 Cranbrook
Henry Hinkley 1777 Cranbrook
Mary Hinkley 1779 Cranbrook
George Hinkley 1781 Cranbrook
Samuel Hinkley 1785 Cranbrook Staplehurst
Ag Lab
Elizabeth Field (Hinkley) 1787 Cranbrook Cranbrook
Baker, wid
Baker, wid

Parish Records



1749 24th June Samuel Hinkley Henry & Anne Hinkley
1775 24th February Samuel Hinkley Samuel & Sarah Hinkley
1776 25th February Sally Hinkley Samuel & Sarah Hinkley
1777 20th April Henry Hinkley Samuel & Sarah Hinkley
1779 4th July Mary Hinkley Samuel & Sarah Hinkley
1781 6th july George Hinkley Samuel & Sarah Hinkley
1785 10th April Samuel Hinkley Samuel & Sarah Hinkley
1787 10th june Elizabeth Hinkley Samuel & Sarah Hinkley


1774 10th oct Samuel Hinkley married Sarah Leigh
1793 3rd November Sarah Hinkley married William Butler (Frittenden). Wit: Edward Butler, Samuel waters
1811 11th oct Elizabeth Hinkley married Daniel Field (Goudhurst). Wit: Samuel leigh, Samuel waters.


1777 16th aug Samuel Hinkley s of Samuel & Sarah Hinkley (drowned)
1781 12th july George Hinkley s of Samuel Hinkley
1782 23rd oct …Hinkley child of Samuel Hinkley
1808 13th nov Samuel Hinkley
1811 29th Dec Mary Hinkley


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