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Ref. Name Birth Birthplace 1891 1901 1911 1921
4 Edward John Russell 1889 High Halden High Halden High Halden [a] Cranbrook
Greengrocer & Confectioner
6 Ada Russell (Butler) 1883 Benenden Cranbrook Cranbrook Cranbrook
Home Duties
3 Cyril John Russell 1913 Cranbrook Cranbrook
7 Evaline Joyce Young (Russell) 1917 Cranbrook Cranbrook
8 Hazel Jean Russell 1921 Cranbrook

Address Key

[a] Bourne Farm Cottage, High Halden

1939 Register

Edward John & Ada Russell

Cyril & Margaret Russell

Harold & Evelyn Joyce Young (Russell)


Edward John Russell, born 9th Aug 1889 in Summerhill, High Halden, to John Russell & Mary Emma Russell (formally Tyler).
Ada Butler, born 16th jan 1883 in Manor House, Benenden. To John Butler & Rachel Butler (formally Rofe).
Edward John Russell (fishmonger) married Ada Butler, 8th October 1911 at St Dunstan’s, Cranbrook. (22 & 28 yrs old resp.).
Fathers John Russell & John Butler. Witnesses : John Butler & George Albert Smith.
Cyril John Russell, born 27th may 1913 in Rectory Cottages, Cranbrook. To Edward John Russell (Fishmonger Journeyman) & Ada Russell (formally Butler).
Hazel Jean Russell died 23rd July 1961, Hammersmith Hospital, Hammersmith. Female age 40, of St.Davids Bridge, Cranbrook, Kent, a Manageress (Tobacconist), a spinster.
Cause of Death: Bronchopneumonia and Renal failure, due to Barbiturate Poisoning. Insufficient evidence as to the cirumstances – Open verdict.

Census Returns

1911 Ada Butler

1911 Edward John Russell


Edward John Russell
Ada Russell (Butler)
Cyril John Russell
Evaline Joyce Young (Russell)
Hazel Jean Russell
Friends of Edward John "Jack" & Ada Russell (Butler) - can you name them please ?
Bourne Farm Cottage, High Halden
Manor House, Benenden
Sweet Shop, Stone Street, Cranbrook (Which Edward John “Jack” Russell owned most of his life)


Edward John Russell's War Record


Edward John Russell enlisted 3rd Dec.1915 to 3rd Batt, The Buffs [No. 21414] (living at 2 Rectory Cottages, Cranbrook, to Ada Russell formally Butler).
Listed as formally working for Mr Allen as Fishmonger (4 High Street, Cranbrook) for 9 years.

Evelyn J Russell, mother Butler, Born Jun 1917, Cranbrook, 2a, 1385 } FreeBMD
Harold Frederick Young born sept 1908, Tonbridge, 2a 859 } FreeBMD
Evelyn Joyce Russell married Harold Young, Sept 1939, Cranbrook, 2a 5357 } FreeBMD
Hugh Young born Mar 1933, Tonbridge, 2a 1359 } FreeBMD, Mothers Name: Odd
Hugh was living with Evelyn & Harold in 1939.
Harold Frederick Young died Jun 1981, Ashford, 16, 124 } FreeBMD

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