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This Web Site charts the family tree of a Family from the Weald of Kent (UK). Most of them are farmers and agricultural labourers. Although 1 branch of the family comes from Bradford, Scotland & Germany, who were involved in the Cloth Trade (Stuff Manufacturers, Stuff Merchants and Drapers).


This site is composed of Family Sheets where all that is known about each family is recorded. The Sheets first have a graphical representation of the family, followed by a table listing each member of that family recording name, birthdate, birthplace, and where they were on each census, and what their job was if recorded. Any visitors are also listed. Below the table, is noted all other information known Parish Records, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, IGI information etc. The Family Sheets are linked by Hyperlinks, travelling into the past through the parent s links to their parents families, and the future through the children. So just click on the parents names to travel back to their ancestors.

For a key into reading Family Sheets click here


Could anyone who has any photo's or information that would help this family history,or would like to talk about family tree research, please use the Contact link above Thanks!

Family Names

To save some aimeless wandering through the maze of hyperlinks, I ll list here the most recent sheets of the main family names :-

Backhouse Backwell Batt Baker Binns Bishop Bower Brooke
Butler Brungar Baldock Chantler Clarke Colegate Cornes Cornelius
Coleman Cruttenden Cumber Day Daynes Diprose Downe Drury
Dunke Else Fever Forward Friend Gibbon (Hawkhurst) Gibson Groombridge
Hayter Heron Hinkley Holdsworth Homewood (smarden) Homewood (woodchurch) Hollier Hovenden
Hydor James Jell Kadwell Kingsnorth Koster Langley Marshall
Michael Muddle Munk Offen Paine Pattenden Philpot (Hawkhurst) Puxty [1]
Rofe Russell Skinner(Sussex) Small Spencer Thrift Tolehurst Tuppenny
Tyler Waters Weare Weaver Weddle [2] Weller Wilkins Willard
Wood Wratten
Anderson(P) Kirkham(P) Mellor(P) Phillips(P) Walker(P) Craft(P) Davies(P)

[1] Puxty, also known as Puxted, Puxtey
[2] Weddle, also known as Woddle, Waddle, Widdle, Waddell

To connect to my Family Sheet, press here - Dave Russell Family Sheet

To connect to my Wife's Family Sheet, press here - A Peak District Family

Family Trees

Click on Trees below to see sections of my Family Tree.
For a key into reading the Tree's, click here

Family Tree A - Russell's
Family Tree B - Weller's & Puxty's
Family Tree C - Willard's, Marshall's, Coleman's & Tolehurst's
Family Tree D - Puxty's & Weddle's
Family Tree E - Hinkley's, Drury's, Spencer's, Hovenden's, Renvill's, Philpot's, Gibbon's, Muddle's & Hider's
Family Tree F - Butler's, Diprose's, Rofe's & Daynes's
Family Tree G - Wratten's, Small's, Tyler's, Homewood's & Skinner's
Family Tree H - Current Generations Tree
Family Tree J - Later Backhouse's
Family Tree K - Backhaus's, Koster's, Binn's, Bower's, Holdsworth's & Heron's
Family Tree L - Watson's
Family Tree M - Later Homewood's
Family Tree N - Homewood's, Offen's, Wood's, Munk's, Jarvis's
Family Tree P - Wood's, Day's, Langley's
Family Tree Q - Thrift's, Kadwell's, Cornes's, Jell's, Paine's
Family Tree R - Thrift's, Brook's, Pattenden's, Dunke's
Family Tree S - (my Wife, Carol's Tree) Mellor's, Walker's, Phillip's, Kirkham's, Lloyd's, Fletcher's
Family Tree T - Day's, Cornelius's, Gibson's, Wilkins.
Family Tree U - (my Wife, Carol's Tree) Anderson's, Davies's, Craft's.
Family Tree V - Russell's, Friends's, Waters's, Batt's, Else's, Weaver's.
Family Tree W - Puxty Cousins.
Family Tree X - Joan Johnson(Backhouse).
Family Tree Y - Forward's, Tuppenny's, Puxty's, Backwell's, Cruttenden's, Chantler's
Family Tree Z - Early Homewoods (based on Brian Homewood research)
Family Tree AA - Groombridge's
Cousins in the Smarden Area - how many 1st cousin marraiges can you spot?

Click Here for Bloodline Chart in PDF Format . Use your applications zoom and pan controls to navigate chart.

Tithes 1837 - High Halden

John Russell

George Wratten

Tithes 1837 - Frittenden

Edward Daynes

George Rofe

Edward Munk

Tithes 1841 - Smarden

James Homewood Snr

James Homewood Jnr

Thomas Homewood

Tithes 1841 - Headcorn

Edward Munk

John Wood

Tithes 1838 - Boughton Malherbe

Benjamin Offen

William Offen

John Offen

Parish Church Photographs

Benenden Church
Bethersden Church
Boughton Malheibe Church
Cranbrook Church
Ebony Church
Frittenden Church
Goudhurst Church
Hawkhurst Church
High Halden Church
Kingsnorth Church
Rolvenden Church
Salehurst Church
Sandhurst Church
Ticehurst Church
Woodchurch Church

Unknown People

This Album is full of people who have lost their identity. These photos belong to Ada Butler who married "Jack" Russell in Cranbrook, Kent.
If anyone can identify any of them, please let me know through the contact button above.

Exhibition at Cranbrook Museum 2007

I'm a member of The Cranbrook & District Local History Society, and in 2007 I was privilaged to Exhibit a Display of my family tree at the Town Museum. The main Trees were drawn on Autocad, and printed in colour. Additional sheets were created showing photos of my ancestors, or case studies of ancestors and how they were found. Also sheets were drawn up helping people new to the hobby on how to find there Ancestors. I had a lot of fun putting it on, and I hope people found it interesting.

Exhibition Photos

Family Photograph of the Russell's and Backhouse's

Family Photograph of the Backhouses at Dymnchurch 1934 - see Frederick Backhaus's family sheet for details.

Family Photograph at Goudhurst 2016


Nov 2007 Addition of Hollier (Holyer) family from Woodchurch : sheets 117 & 118.
Tentative addition of Hooker, Ware, George, Smythe, Kingswood & Beall families to Sheet 112 (Richard Offen b.1768, Smarden)
Dec 2007 Addition of sheet S137 for George Wood & Family. Son of Horace Wood, who joined the 5th Dragoon Guards and fought in the Boer War.
April 2008 A63 John Diprose revised & updated ancestors back to early 1600 s added.
S01 John Russell revised & updated children added. Small family added.
A64 George Wratten revised & updated. Daw family added.
April 2008 Daw family deleted connection proved to be groundless.
May 2008 Hider family updated and revised. Day family updated and revised.
July 2008 Thrift family updated. Site relocated to HTTP://
July 2008 Brooke, Cumber, Pattenden, Dunke & James families added.
Aug 2008 Kingsnorth and Downe families added.
Aug 2008 Birth, Death & Marraige Certificates added.
Aug 2008 Photograph's added. Sheets reformatted.
Sept 2008 Military Records of George Wood added.
Sept 2008 Family Tree's added
Nov 2008 Photograph of George Homewood's family added
Will of Elizabeth Ann Homewood added.
Tenantcy Agreement for Haffenden Farm added (go to Edward Homewood's (b.1823, Smarden) family sheet)
Jan 2009 1911 Census Returns added. Family Sheets updated
Jan 2009 Extra Photo of Edward John Russell added.
Photo's of John & Rachel Butler added.
Jan 2009 Extra Photo's of my father Peter Edward John Russell added
Mar 2009 Photo's of Parish Churches added
Apr 2009 Items from the London Gazette added, including Deed Pole Declaration of Frederick Backhaus.
Apr 2009 Trees revised.
Apr 2009 Puxty's & Weddle's updated.
May 2009 Mortgage of Castweazle Farm added (A36, Edward Homewood)
May 2009 my wife Carol Walker's Family Tree ["A Peak District Family"] added
July 2009 Skinner family revised.
Sept 2009 Cyril Russell's War Recollections added.
Sept 2009 Mellors & Kirkhams revised.
Oct 2009 Homewoods revised.
Oct 2009 William Homewood Offen Family Sheet added
Nov 2009 Frank Wood's War Records added added
Nov 2009 Exhibition at Cranbrook Museum added
Dec 2009 Extra ancestor families added to Wood Family
Jan 2010 Skinner family updated
Feb 2010 Backhouse Family photo added.
Mar 2010 Wood & Homewood family sheets added
Mar 2010 Rofe Family revised and Family Tree F
Apr 2010 Russell & Butler photos added.
Apr 2010 "Unknown" Photos added
Apr 2010 Homewood farm auction catalogues added
August 2010 Will summeries from "The National Probate Calendar, 1861-1941" added
September 2010 Ethan Joel Palmer added to Family Tree H
October 2010 Birth Certificates added for Edward Homewood & Mary Willard
November 2010 Photographs and details of the Bower Family added.
November 2010 Walker family updated including cemsus returns and the true identity of "Charles Edward Walker"
November 2010 Photo added of Edward and Sarah Ann Butler (Diprose)
January 2011 more Bower photos added
March 2011 All pages now re-written in HTML with new graphics, pictures, etc.
March 2011 Family Tree T added. PDF versions of Tree's added (you can now zoom into trees to see detail - yay!!), Links added between family sheets and family trees.
March 2011 Mahala Weeks (Puxty) 's Sheet [S147] added.
April 2011 More Homewod & Wood photo's added. including Alice Reeve (Wood) & Fanny Farrance (Wood) family photo's
May 2011 Photos of Emma Mellor; William & Edith Mellor added. Carols family tree updated
July 2011 Binns family expanded, due to release of yorkshire parish records on internet
August 2011 Happy Waddle's family added to site
December 2011 Booth's, Hancock's and Gidman's added to my wifes tree
December 2011 Anderson's, Davies's, Craft's, Chipp's added to my wifes tree
January 2012 Lilly Booth of Congleton disproved to be our Lillian May Booth by Carole Galley of New Zealand. Records deleted accordingly.
February 2012 additional census records for Esther Russell, William Thrift, Robert Kadwell.
February 2012 added Weller family sheets
March 2012 Hollie Jasmine Coley added to Tree J
March 2012 Grace Homewood family sheet added (S154)
March 2012 Elizabeth Russell (Homewood) family sheet added (S155)
March 2012 Ann Hosmer (Homewood) family sheet added (S156)
April 2012 Paper clipping added to Grace Homewood family sheet (S154)
April 2012 Bloodline Chart added
May 2012 Family of Mark Turl & Mary Ann Butler added.
June 2012 Family of John Wenbourne & Ann Russell added.
June 2012 1911 census sheets added.
July 2012 additional backhouse photos added
July 2012 family trees revised
Aug 2012 census transcripts added. "Finally!!"
Aug 2012 Batt, Weaver & Else families added.
Oct 2012 additional sibling sheets (S167-175) added, plus many more 1911 census returns
Oct 2012 The story of the Homewood-Hopper's (S158) advanced due to help of Jennifer Stark - many thanks
Nov 2012 More Farrance Photos due to help of Sam Bridgeland - thanks
June 2013 after rest from family tree: parentage of William John Russell added to sheet A03 (stephen russell and family)
July 2013 more Puxty's added, inc Puxty cousins tree.
July 2013 Dinah Weller family sheet added (S183)
July 2013 John Skinner family sheet added (S184)
July 2013 George Skinner family sheet added (S185)
July 2013 Mary Ann Luckhurst (Skinner) family sheet added (S186)
Nov 2013 William Thrift family sheet added (S187)
Nov 2013 Mary Dean (Day) family sheet added (S188)
Nov 2013 Sarah Ann Bourne (Day) family sheet added (S189)
April 2014 Death certs of James Heron & George Backhaus added
April 2014 Marraige cert of William Homewood added
April 2014 Photgraphs of Binns, Bower, Backhaus, Wood & Prime Families added
May 2014 More ancestors for the Koster, Backhaus & Von Breymann families added
May 2014 Alice Tyler family sheet S190 added
June 2014 Homewood (Woodchurch) family sheets S191-3 added
June 2014 S56 revised - both John Wratten & Robert Tyler married Elizabeth Betts
June 2014 Elizabeth Weller's family sheet added-S194
June 2014 Elizabeth Thrift's family sheet added-S195
June 2014 Creetown Graves added, thanks John!!
July 2014 Kadwell sybling sheets added (S196-S198)
July 2014 Coggers & Mundays added (A172 & A173)
Oct 2014 Corne Families added (S201-S208)
Oct 2014 Walter Morley added to S208
Nov 2014 Children trees of Stephen Russell updated
Feb 2015 Death certificate of Charles Edward Walker added.
Feb 2015 Marraige certificate of Sussanah Rebecca Davies (Russell) and Richard Noble Morley added.
Mar 2015 Birth certificate of Mary Elizabeth Walker added.
Mar 2015 Homewood census images added to family sheets
Mar 2015 Wood, Day, Offen, Thrift census images added to family sheets
Mar 2015 Elizabeth & Ann Homewood removed from James Homewood Jnr's Family Sheet (A55) and added to James Homewood Snr's Family Sheet (A53). This is becouse they are not James's daughters but his brother Edward's (proven on Ann's marraige certificate to John Hosmer)
Mar 2015 Backhaus, Heron, Koster, Binns, Bower census images added to family sheets
April 2015 Weller, Willard, Marshall, Puxty, Groombridge, Colegate census images added to family sheets
April 2015 All remaining ancestor census images added to family sheets. Next the siblings!!
December 2015 Lachlan Craig born in Australia to Melissa & Phillip - Tree H revised.
March 2016 All Sibling census images added to Russell, Weller, Backhouse Trees plus Homewoods & Woods. Taken over a year so far.
April 2016 All Sibling census images added to Days.
April 2016 All Sibling census images added to Offens.
April 2016 All Sibling census images added to Cornes & Thrifts.
June 2016 Elizabeth Mary Backhouse added to Tree J - congrats!!
Sept 2016 Photo of Family get to together at Goudhurst 2016 added
Sept 2016 Skidmore family information updated
Sept 2016 Record of Charles Homewood's death in 1918 added.
Feb 2017 Family Sheet S211 for Albert Diprose added. Due to information given by Alan Diprose, Thanks!!.
Mar 2017 Sibling census images copied to sibling family sheets. Finished hurrah!!!
April 2017 Family Sheet S230 for Ann Marshall (Soane) added.
May 2018 Information on Joan Johnson (Backhouse) added. Thanks Sarah!!
June 2018 Family Sheet S231 for Nancy Puxty (Forward) added. Tree Y added.
June 2018 Family Sheet's S232-4 for more Forwards & Tuppenny's added. Tree Y revised accordingly.
June 2018 Family Name Matrix revised.
Aug 2018 Early Homewood Family revised to Brian Homewood information - major rebuild
Aug 2018 Clarke family added sheet A237 & family tree B
Aug 2018 Alexander Groombridge and family - added sheet A239
Aug 2018 Thomas Skinner & Family - added sheet A240
Aug 2018 Gabriel Morgan & Family - added sheet A241
Aug 2018 Photos of Parish Churches - Bethersden, Ebony, Kingsnorth, Woodchurch & Salehurst - added.
Aug 2018 Wills of John Groombridge & Gabriel Morgan added.
Feb 2019 Brungar & Baldock families added (A242,A243, A244)
Feb 2019 Town & Skinner(kent) families added (A245,A246-8)
Apr 2019 Sally Anne Russell (Clarke) added to family tree (Tree H). "Hi sister in law."
Jan 2020 Stook family details added to Tree M.
Apr 2021 Death dates added to many ancesters
July 2021 Butlers updated - tree F - Thanks Chris
Jan 2022 1921 census added
Jan 2022 Lilian May Booth families added (since proven unrelated, I'll replace when correct family discovered)
Mar 2023 Homewood tree updated (TM), using information kindly given by Catherine Skidmore
Apr 2023 Bloodline Chart revised and updated.
May 2023 Family Tree AA added (Groombridges), Groombridges removed from Tree E
May 2023 Family Sheet (Ancester Sheets) links to Trees updated and revised.
June 2023 Family Sheet (Sibling Sheets) links to Trees updated and revised.
June 2023 Sheet A261 - John Weller and family added
June 2023 Sheets A264-A267 - Philpot, Gibbon & Muddle families added
June 2023 Sheets A268-A269 - Spencer & Hovenden families added
June 2023 Sheets A270 - Renvill family added
July 2023 Historical Context added to all family sheets. ie Monarchs, Wars, Battles, Local Events of note.
August 2023 Sheets A277-284 - Backwell, Cruttenden & Chantler families added. Puxty family extended back.
Sept 2023 Homewood Photos added and reorganised
Sept 2023 Wood Photos added and reorganised
Sept 2023 1837 Tithe Charts added
Oct 2023 Russell & Backhouse Photos added and reorganised
Oct 2023 Artwork from Daphne Backhouse & Michael Backhouse added
Oct 2023 History of Cranbrook Congregational Church added
May 2024 various Family certificates added
May 2024 census records added to many sibling families. ongoing project.
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